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March 12, 2015

Fifteen were pleased to be offered the opportunity to work with Nottingham solicitor,  John Hooper Solicitors, to design and develop their new website.

The family law specialists had been using their old website for many years as it had been of great success to their business, but the time had come for the business to modernise their look and refresh their brand with an up-to-date and competitive website design.

The website we have created for John Hooper Solicitors follows all the latest trends in online design and build. The website design is edge-to-edge to make the most of the screen space, it’s fully responsive in build – meaning it can be accessed on any mobile device without compromising on usability and it is built using a WordPress content management system (CMS) to allow them to make changes to the website at any time.

john hooper Solicitors website design

John Hooper Solicitors Website

The design of the website home page delivers all of the key messages that John Hooper Solicitors wanted to convey in a user friendly way. The user is first introduced to the brand ethos of the company; a local Nottingham business that prides itself on having a people focused approach in what can be a very sensitive and testing time for their clients.

Their services offerings are then introduced to the user in an easy to digest manner with a reveal more feature to show the user more on request. This showcases the company’s top 3 services without overawing the user and risking putting them off.

An invitation to learn more about the business is also included to give a brief overview of their skills and specialties with a call to action to book an appointment.

Latest news posts are also streamed to the home page of the website from the blog to keep the content being delivered to visitors refreshed and new. This also helps the website’s SEO ranking, as Google favours new content and constantly updating web pages.

John Hooper Solicitors website design that will stand up against competitors and sell the right message to potential clients.




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