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LinkedIn get’s content focused

May 12, 2016 - fifteen

LinkedIn has been establishing itself as a major content sharing platform for a while now and with 9 billion content impressions a week it is not hard to see why the professional publishing platform is used X15 more for content. What’s their goal? “To get the right content in front of the right member at the right time to deliver the best member experience possible.”

That is why they are following the example of the market leaders when it comes to social media platforms and taking a close eye at what Facebook have been doing. LinkedIn are in talks with major media outlets to rival what Facebook achieved when they launched Instant Articles.

Facebook instant articles are fast and responsive articles that quickly load articles that include images and videos in your news feed meaning that you are not taken away to another page. This really speeds up the time it takes for you to read and absorb content making it extremely desirable to publishers using social media. Here are some stats relating to Instant Articles from Facebook:

  • 10x – Faster than standard mobile web articles
  • 20% – More Instant Articles read on average.
  • 70% – Less likely to Abandon the Article.

These are articles are designed to be quickly read and shared and the most important thing is speed. That is why LinkedIn are so interested in it. If they manage to get interest from major publishers it would seriously strengthen its reputation for business news among professionals and make it the go-to platform.

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