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Logo Design and why you should get professional help

March 26, 2020

Logos have two main purposes. Firstly, It should inform the consumers who you are. This could be through the name and/or the device/icon you have decided on. Another one is it should tell a story that people can easily associate with, but most importantly it should set a tone of the entire brand.

Doing this without professional help can save you money, however, this could impact your business by losing clients. Here’s why:

Showing off who the business is through the logo or the device is one of the most, if not the most identifiable part of your brand. Keeping your logo well-formatted, designed to the highest standard, and keeping it clean and clear, will keep your brand professional.

Logos that are made by non-professionals or even logos that have been created by an online platform such as Getty images are also not the solution. They are often generic and uninspiring and us professionals can see the faults a mile away. If you’re a designer or studied design you’re better informed to design and identify what truly expresses it’s brand’s mission and values

If you think – off the top of your head, of a logo that you might desire, then it’s already done. Unless having experience, there are properties you’ll not think of everything that goes into designing a logo.

One thing that I like to portray is colour psychology, but other things that you’ll miss if you’re not a professional creative would be selecting that perfect typeface including some other surprising hidden gems that make up a unique logo. Just placing a device and choosing a crazy font from Dafont can seem exciting but comes across quite unprofessional.

However, uniquely unpacking what the business does allows a professional to dig a little deeper, and subsequently allows us to make a logo that can be used everywhere. I bet you did not think of that? Yes, you’ll have to also think of placing your new logo on business cards, websites and social media banners.

There are many things that professional designers take into consideration when designing that perfect logo and seeing it from the perspective of a designer is a lot easier than seeing it through your eyes.

Designing for yourself can be tough (trust me I’ve been there when I had to brand myself at university). You might think that the logo you’ve just made makes perfect sense to yourself including those around you, but trouble is, your peers and customers might not get it.

A designer will also communicate your business needs, how it’ll work for the market you’re in and how it will add to your identity. The logo is much more versatile, rather than it being more than just a device and typography to consumers.

Actions speak louder than words. Having to understand fully what your company is all about plus whom or what the business wants to aspire to be like. We as designers can pack a punch to create that logo which is truly unique.

Last but not least, make sure you’re focusing more on your own company rather than all of the marketing. Why?

Running your own business means having to worry about other elements of your company, rather than spending hours on a computer trying to come up with different brandings such as a logo and a website. Getting a professional team of expert designers to help you with that gives you your time back to focus on what’s important.

Let Fifteen do all the leg work. We have worked with countless brands and been tasked with all kinds of projects from facelifts to complete rebrands – and we are proud of EVERY single one of them. We do it all from meeting you and your business needs to creating amazing concepts.

Please do get in contact if you need anything from digital marketing, website design, development and branding – we are the agency for you. Are you ready?




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