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Maggie Throup (MP for Erewash) visits Fifteen

July 21, 2016 - fifteen

Lucy went to do the usual post run one morning and brought back a very special letter in a cream envelope. It’s not everyday that you get a letter with a ‘House of Commons’ emboss mark on the envelope, so as you can imagine we were all very excited to open it and see who it was from.

The letter was from Maggie Throup, MP for Erewash – our local council. She was writing to us to congratulate us on our recent RAR Award for ‘On Budget’ projects after reading all about it in the Ilkeston Advertiser and wanted to come into the office to meet with us and talk about our recent award success. Of course, we jumped at the chance!

Maggie is a keen supporter of local business and celebrating the thriving talent in the area. She spoke to us about making the most of working in Ilkeston, the different groups and organisations we could join to have our say on all things local and get advice on how we can continue to grow.

“It was great to hear how our once small, under-the-radar agency was now standing in the limelight and reaping the rewards of our hard-earned success, making waves as far as local politicians. Hopefully we’ll have a lot more to shout about over the second half of the year and keep making the greater region take notice of the great things happening in the area.”

Ollie Piddubriwnyj, Managing Director.

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