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Merry Christmas from the Fifteen Team!

December 25, 2021 - Fifteen

Merry Christmas from the Fifteen Team! We hope you are having just as good of a time as we will. With all that we have provided for our social following and supporting our clients, we will be making the most of the Christmas time this year.

We hope that our fellow followers will be doing just the same this Christmas, to not only recharge their batteries ready for the new year, but to spend the best of time with family and friends and most importantly, staying safe.

Make the most of family time

Make the most of family time

The bond within the Fifteen Team is just like an extended family, we are a very connected, positively minded and a supportive team. We believe the Fifteen staff bring out the best in one another, making us feel something very special, that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

Fifteen has always been in the vibes of Christmas, and even with the pandemic we’ve kept our spirits high with virtual interaction to keep close that family spirit we’ve always been so passionate about.

Over the Christmas period, the team will be supportive of each other, keeping updated and sharing our wishes. But like everyone of us, no matter the business, if you have the time to spend with family then make the most of it before you return to your duties.

Stay connected with one another

Stay connected with family and friends

As we previously mentioned we keep as close as we can with virtual calls and team meetings, but you can do the same with family. Don’t let restrictions or distance prevent you from keeping your spirits high, stay in close contact with family and friends.

Arrange a call with the family, have a virtual party. Even if you can’t get that face to face time in-person this Christmas, make sure you get plenty of facetime with those closest to you at least virtually. 

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe

If you have the time this Christmas with family and friends, make the most of what you can with the restrictions currently in place. But most importantly you need to stay safe, keep those close to you from harm, and respect the current circumstances.

At Fifteen we have taken business virtually to keep each other from harm and made most of the resources available to us. You can do the same over Christmas too. Pop out Cluedo, or preheat the oven for some family baking and bring a laugh to keep spirits high.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Although Christmas will be a similar repeat of last year’s festive season, stay positive and look to each other to be grateful for what we all have. We at Fifteen truly hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas time and staying safe. Merry Christmas from the entire Fifteen Team!

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