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Naveo’s New Website Takes Flight

October 7, 2019

Who are Naveo 

Founded by Richard Brown, who is a well-known expert in the aerospace industry, Naveo is a consultancy company who specialises in advising companies big and small across aerospace Marketing Analysis and M&A transaction support. 

Their mission is to provide innovative and fresh advice, using leading insight, analysis and actionable intelligence to serve their clients’ (manufacturers, aircraft operations and owners, maintenance providers, investors and training providers) needs in line with a fast-moving industry to assist companies growth, savings and business opportunities. 

The Task 

Richard approached Fifteen with an idea for a business, a boutique aviation management consultancy, and tasked us with coming up with the company name, logo, marketing literature and website. 

Over a few months, we worked with Richard to develop all of the above, to convey his aims and ambitions for the company, taking his passion for aviation and channelling it into the work that we were doing. 

Brand and Marketing Literature

We started with a brand brainstorming session, with the Fifteen team all gathered in a room, we started looking at generating the company’s name and identity. 

We came up with a range of ideas for the brand name all suitable for the industry, type of company and something that is different and memorable. We needed something professional and classy, that helps create excitement and sounds established. 

After running through all of the ideas, we found one that stuck ‘Naveo’ which is a combination word of Navigation and Aero, it’s easy to remember and rolls off the tongue. It was also a word that can work well across the world and is easy to say in multiple countries and languages. 

Moving onto the brand image, we created a range of concepts for the Naveo name, and created a logo that mimics a paper airplane but also has a hidden meaning, with 3 separate elements with aviation, navigational arrow and a crystalline (the structure and form of a crystal – strong, crystal clear) creating the device and logo.  

Naveo Logo Breakdown

Paired alongside this, we looked at the colours for the brand and logo as well, looking into colour theory and the meaning behind the colours we were using having these colours with the connotations we were able to create something strong, bold and delivers the message we are trying to portray.  

Naveo Colour Theory

When we had the brand nailed, we moved onto looking at the implementation of the brand within marketing literature and we created business cards and letterheads, creating stand out cards that are bold and beautiful and will stand the test of time, creating a professional view for the company. 


As part of the project, we also worked on two infographics for Naveo.

The first was an infographic about aftermarket lifecycle, which focuses on the various needs for suppliers through a planes lifespan. We wanted to create something simple and clean that demonstrated each service area and where they come into the lifecycle chain. 

Take a look at the infographic here: 

The next infographic was a bit more complicated, and focused on the industry dynamics, taking a look at the different elements companies face. This infographic also looks into the various challenges and elements that different types of providers experience within the chain. 

Take a look at the infographics here: 

The Website 

It was really important to create a website that helps Naveo position themselves as a thought-leader within the industry and providing clients with relevant insights. The website needed to speak to the client base that Richard has worked with for many years, and stand in line with their competition. 

Naveo Business Cards

Following on from the concept and theme we had created as part of the brand work, we moved onto the website. 

We designed the website to encompass everything we had learned from Richard about the business he wanted to create. We combined our years of experience in designing and developing a website that helped us to create something that would deliver for Richard and present his business in an engaging, creative and professional way.

The website is built in WordPress and allows Richard and the Naveo team to update the site as and when they need to, with subtle delivery animations and the ability to add to the website and amend the content as the company grows. 

The design of the website is both stylish, simple and in keeping with the concept that we created as part of the initial brand identity phase, and is a continuation of the literature and offline branding elements, that helps create consistency for the brand. 

We look forward to seeing where Naveo goes from here, and can’t wait to work with the team again on future projects. 

Have a look at the new Naveo website: 

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