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New Year. New Fifteen.

January 1, 2016 - Fifteen

Not content with just providing award-winning websites for our clients, Fifteen have recently been tackling the absolutely gargantuan task of creating a new website of our own.

In between working on our usual projects, the creative team at Fifteen have been hard at work designing, building, and optimising the new Fifteen site. You can see the results here.

So, who’s responsible for the new site?


Ollie Piddubriwnyj – Managing Director

The man in charge. Ollie called the original creative meeting, and has managed the project from start to finish. As with our clients’ projects, Ollie has worked closely with the creative team to bring the whole project together – design, build, and marketing.



Kate Crowther – Client Services Director

Having joined the team recently, Kate was able to bring a fresh perspective and some fantastic ideas for the new website. As with our clients, she scrutinised every detail of the project, to make sure it was perfect.



Sophie Kish – Digital Producer

Sophie manages a lot of our website projects, so it would have been foolish of us to not to have her on board with this one. Sophie is also part of the team that pulls everything together, and usually, one of the last team members to touch the website, checking for errors and allocating time to fix them.



Alexandra Lofthouse – Senior UX Designer

The new website looks good, doesn’t it? We’ve got Alex to thank for that. One of the first people to approach the project, Alex created the initial wireframes for the site, as well as providing most of the visuals. Towards the end of the project, she had to work closely with UI Developer Chris to tweak the website to perfection.



Chris Lee – UI Developer

Chris is responsible for all the functionalities onsite, of which the list is endless. He has probably spent the most amount of time out of any of our team members on the website, working hard to ensure every single part of the website works beautifully, from header to footer.



Natalie Crouch – Digital Marketing Manager

Once the designers and developers have created a website that works and looks great, it’s passed on to the Digital Marketing Team. Natalie oversaw most of the content creation for the webpages, as well as putting together a strategy to monitor results from the new website. She was involved heavily in the creation of the structure of the website, as well as some of the usability features.



Adam Richmond – SEO & Content Executive

Adam’s task was to ensure that the entire website was optimised for search engines, in addition to checking all content was up to standard. As with all our clients’ websites projects, Adam was in charge of optimising pages, media, and creating redirects from the old URL structure.



The Fifteen Team

Whilst some of our team members didn’t take the lead on this particular project, none of us would say that they didn’t contribute to the finished product. Without the backup of all the other team members, helping to get the project over the line, we would never have completed this mammoth task.

As with all of our projects, Fifteen value teamwork highly. We’re all here for the same reason – to work efficiently and effectively to achieve the end goal, a finished product we can be proud of.

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