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NewsJacking on Social Media – The Love Island Lesson

July 29, 2019

2019’s ITV Show Love Island may have broken TV Records – but what opportunity is there for brands to break through the noise on Social Media?

Well, the answer is… LOTS! The beauty of social media is that regardless of budget or company size, any brand with the right social media strategy, can make themselves the stars of the shows. Move over Curtis, we want to couple up with Bud…

What is “Newsjacking”?

So, how are brands become noticed on Social Media?

We’re seeing ‘newsjacking’ becoming an ever growing trend across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And why not, its free after all! By simply aligning your brand with that of the audience and adding in the hottest hashtag of the moment, #loveisland, your brand could get itself in front of a 56.67 million reach on Twitter alone!

So put away your marketing budget and keep hold of the £5million it was rumoured to cost UberEats to become the main sponsor and consider investing your budget into a robust content marketing strategy that utilises ‘newsjacking’.

And 2019 has really been the year for the Underdogs and we’re not just talking about Greg (the last minute dan that Amber coupled with). Unlike previous years brands who have been unofficial sponsors in 2019 have seen a higher increase in awareness, conversation share and ultimately sales and money, money, money. Finally, we can admit… we’re only here for the £50k.

I Saw It First replaced Misguided as sponsors this year, but thanks to an engaging and fruitful social media strategy Misguided achieve a higher conversation share than the ISIF. Unofficial sponsors and brands alike all of the opportunity to lead conversations. We’ve seen an array of content, the most popular through the use of GIF’s. If you’ve got the time and the money get your brand to create unofficial products to bring in the extra cash.

And with another series scheduled for Winter 2019, it’s goodbye ‘Summer Loving’ hello ‘Winter Snugging’. Not only is it another opportunity for us all to be hooked over the winter months but it’s another opportunity for you and your brand to get in front of an active audience.

Find out what we think about a second series this year in our recent interview with ITV News.

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