Nottingham High School Prospectus Design

June 23, 2014 - fifteen

School Prospectus Design

Nottingham High School Prospectus Design

We were thrilled to be asked to create not just one, but the whole suite of Nottingham High School Prospectuses. The project was an ongoing feat over the past year to create the perfect brochures to encourage new students to the school.

Infant and Junior School Prospectus


We completed a suite of photography to be used throughout the 3 prospectuses and completed this over 2 days shooting. Not only did our photography make it into the prospectus, but we carefully selected some photography we couldn’t achieve in the spring months (we postponed a few dates due to snow!) from previous years and also from the various trips, visits, opportunities and events that occur for the students.

Senior School Prospectus


The school boasts a lot of facilities that other schools don’t. Their recording studio, shooting range, ICT centres, huge art building and library to name a few, so it was really important to highlight these areas to potential new students. The senior school prospectus in particular highlights this. Photography throughout was encouraged to be ‘candid’ rather than looking posed as it was the idea to make the prospectuses a true reflection on the attitude and personality of the students who attend Nottingham High School.

Sixth Form Prospectus


The Sixth Form prospectus was initially pitched as a different style of design to the others as instead of appealing to parents it would be geared more towards students. This idea was scrapped as the design developed as it was clear that a redesign would not sit well with the others. Instead we focused on appealing photography to a younger generation, and the prospectus was written with more of a student’s perspective.

Working on this project was a brilliant experience for the team at Fifteen. The prospectuses have gone down really well, especially throughout the open days at the school where the majority were given out. We hope that these will last for several years for the school as their previous have done.

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