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Notts County FITC partnership

January 26, 2018

As an expanding, former small business. We as an agency take our corporate responsibility seriously. We know that our voice could be used to shout about so many things, so why not make one of those things a worthwhile cause.

A New Year and a new initiative

On that note, we’re proud to announce our latest community partnership with Notts County Football in the Community. Now, you probably think this is an odd or niche choice. But, for us, it holds an extraordinary meaning.

While our Managing Director Ollie Piddubriwnyj now leads a 35-strong team, his beginnings were far more humble. He started as a self-motivated and self-employed designer. His first ever design job coming from none other than Notts County FC at 15 years old. While that was by no means an act of charity, it was this little catalyst that sparked the ambitious agency we have become today.

The Football in the community organisation, while sharing a name and some ties with the nation’s longest running football team, differs from the club. And, in fact, there is a common misconception they often face, as many assume they receive funding from the club. They don’t.

They do organise, fund and help some incredible projects in the local community as well as across the UK. These projects range in their scale and effect. Plus we’ve been provided with tremendous flexibility on what we as a creative agency can bring to the charity. Hence, we can’t wait to get stuck in.

Football in the community

The organisation is a strong advocate of:

  • Primary school initiatives.
  • Promoting health and well-being.
  • The National Citizen Service.
  • CARE health programmes.
  • Social Inclusion projects.
  • The social inclusion projects help people from primary school right through to old age. Those both non-disabled and disabled, from all backgrounds. They are in partnership with Nottingham’s local research and care facilities. The team of FITC talent aim to substantiate a comprehensive emotional health and wellbeing strategy for years to come.

    Their events range from:

  • CEO sleep outs.
  • Evenings with legendary Notts County Ambassadors.
  • Charity races.
  • For Fifteen, the most significant potential is the possibility FITC have presented to us to create and mastermind our events. We’ve always involved ourselves with worthy causes. While any help any of us can offer is beneficial, we’re proud of our overwhelming desire to always do something. Something tangible, something practical, something that allows us to divulge all our creative energies into a worthwhile project.

    Corporate responsibility

    Corporate responsibility is a term that’s often bandied around. Often without much sentiment or meaning. We see it on an about us page and assume a cheque gets written each month. But, aside from that, we don’t delve much more into the subject.

    That’s not us, we’re not interested in just writing a cheque and patting ourselves on the back. In today’s society, corporate responsibility means much more than that. It is a crucially, a responsibility. A responsibility to set an example and to provide support. To make a difference and add a touch of creativity to the hundreds of worthwhile causes all around us.

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