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Google Shopping: Improve Your Performance

July 4, 2016 - Fifteen

As a merchant using Google Shopping, you probably already understand the benefits of turning Google into your online store-window display.

(If you’re new to Google Shopping, check out why your business is missing out.)

But is your campaign performing to the best of its ability? Find out how you can optimise your Google Shopping account.

Aim for the goal. Google Shopping doesn’t work on a one-campaign-fits-all structure. Set individual goals and group your products into groups accordingly.

Push your prize-winners. Create subcategories with your highest-revenue products and boost bids on them. Or make a special limited-offer ‘High priority’ and ensure it shows more often than the rest of your adverts.

Think strategy. Tools like Bid Simulator can suggest future performance based on increased or decreased bid adjustments. Use these to plan your bidding strategy and create an optimised campaign.

Track everything. If you use conversion tracking, you can use ECPC (enhanced cost-per-click) tracking to automatically adjust your bid based on the program’s estimate of which clicks are more likely to convert.

Make sure nothing falls through the net. Sometimes your product can get lost in the abundance of inventory, without ranking. To check all your products are eligible create a single shopping campaign, with one add group, listing all your products. Then assign a low bid to the product group.

Keep your campaigns fluent. If you’re advertising in multiple languages but targeting the same country, create separate campaigns for each individual one. You’ll have the freedom to set budget, bids and negative keywords by language.

Need help with ECPC? Struggling to optimise your Google Shopping campaign? Contact one of our friendly digital marketing team.

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