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Promoting Your Business Effectively on Facebook

May 27, 2014

Once you have set up your companies Facebook page, now it is time to look at how you should effectively target and engage new customers.

You can do more than post and share great content to when it comes to promoting your business effectively on Facebook.  That is essential, and so is cross promoting your page on your other social media platforms.

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Engage More People on Facebook

Here are a few more advanced tips and tools to keep your moment going.

  • Reward people for liking your page with a small gift.  When you attend a networking event or meet customers in your bricks and mortar shop, offer to send them a product sample or coupon voucher for a discount on their next purchase if they like your business Facebook page.
  • Give them insider advance knowledge of new products or upcoming sales.  Let people know that if they like your brand’s Facebook page, they will get the inside track on coming events.  Savvy shoppers love to be prepared for a sale, and everyone loves having good information before the masses do
  • Use Facebook Offers to give your loyal likers a discount.  This feature works whether you are selling online or from a bricks and mortar location.  You can create a Facebook Offer with the Ads Create Tool for free, which always helps your return on investment.  You create the offer, and fans who indicate they want to claim it will get an email telling them how to do so.
  • Try Facebook Ads if your budget allows.  They are paid, but relatively inexpensive.  Facebook Ads let you set the criteria for who sees your ad, which makes them extremely efficient.


Great content is critically important to get people engaged with your business on Facebook, but to boost your conversions rate you may have to do a little more.

The tricky thing, there is no one sure-fire tool or tactic, so you need to watch your analytics closely and be ready to tweak and adjust as needed to get the right message to the right people.




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