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May 2, 2014 - fifteen

Psst… we’re celebrating a pretty big milestone this year. We are 10 years old! So in honour of this, we have teamed up with one of our clients, North Star Brewery, to create a truly special set of celebratory ales.

The team have spent time early this year to support the creation of our own delicious brews, each to support Fifteen Design’s celebration of ten years in the industry.




The brewing process is a a complicated one, and we have stood by as the whole process happened. Starting with the mash, into fermentation and then bottling. Along the way we’ve had a good stir and sample of the product to ensure everything is going to plan, photos of which are sure to follow in the very near future.

We have two varities of the Fifteen Design Beer to tickle your tastebuds, so we’re hopeful these will appeal to all. Our varieties are:

  • Fifteen Light – A pale, honey-coloured ale Brewed using a combination of four American hops to give a zest flavour. The spicy hop notes are well balanced by the caramel malt to give a soft, fruity finish to the beer.
  • Fifteen Dark – A rich, dark and complex porter with initial roasted malt flavours leading to coffee and chocolate flavouring with a subtle hint of liquorice at the finish.

Keep up-to-date with the Fifteen blog to follow our team through the planning, brewing and delivery process – plus, remember to tweet @fifteendesign if you’d like to nab some bottles of Fifteen’s finest for yourself!



We’ll be posting more about our 10th anniversary celebrations as the next few months go by, so keep your eyes peeled more more exciting stuff!

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