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Responsive Web Design for ABM Software

January 3, 2014

Responsive Web Design

Fifteen Design were delighted to be asked to redesign the website for ABM who provide solutions for law enforcement, investigation and case management sectors.

ABM are expert leaders in this industry and wanted a website to showcase their products and services. Working closely with ABM, we’ve created the perfect future-proof website design for their product that is responsive and gives a full user experience across all mobile browsing platforms.


There is a clear user journey, starting from the home page that takes the user through to the correct product and service they require. The route is icon led so it is visually great looking but also enables for quick and easy access to information.


Using partner logos, which ensure that visitors are confident in contacting ABM, highlights ABM’s experience. Strong calls to action indicators are included across the site to get in touch. ABM’s support service is also highlighted and accessible from every page on the site.

An element of parallax movement provides the finishing touch on the website design. This is the style and attention to detail that sets this website apart from it’s competitors.


The ABM website is the first website that we have created with ‘retina ready’ elements. This means that on devices with ‘retina displays’, the website images will have an increased pixel density high enough that the human eye cannot see individual pixels from a ‘normal’ viewing distance. Websites that are not ‘retina ready’ but are viewed on devices that are, will appear pixillated and unclear. This design method eliminates this problem.

Although we had a tight deadline, Fifteen Design delivered a website that exceeded expectations. Fifteen Design understood our needs and were very enthusiastic about the design project. The website they have created has a fresh look and allows visitors to easily find the required information. Working with them has been a pleasure.

Agata Garstka, Marketing Executive


Exhibition Design

ABM Software needed an exhibition stand to complement their new brand identity and website design.

We were pleased to be asked to help them with this project and have created a design that suitably reflects their brand.

They wanted a design that demonstrated how ABM Software solutions could help an organisation and sell the main key features of the software quickly and effectively to people walking by.

ABM Software provides solutions for law enforcement companies and a lot of their work and research helps with investigations and identification. They consider their brand and product to be of the highest industry standard, leading the way in their field.


The imagery we have used communicates the identification and covert information and technology that is used in ABM Software products. It communicates features of the products with simple, clear and easy to understand icons.

The carefully chosen image and diagram used gives a sense of movement making the design more noticeable and eye-catching, something that should always be kept in mind when creating a successful exhibition design.

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