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Responsive Web Design for Elfed High School

October 2, 2013 - Fifteen

School Website Design

Elfed High School in North Wales, came to Fifteen Design with a simple objective – to increase enrollment figures.

Elfed High School is one of two secondary schools that feed the Buckley area and the Head Teacher at Elfed was given the task of increasing awareness of the school and what it has to offer. Having not embarked on any form of marketing in the past Elfed were open to our suggestions and ways in which we could help them achieve their targets.


Their existing school website hadn’t been updated in years, the design was dated and the functionality was slow and clunky. We wanted to start by bringing a bot of colour to the school website and make the key information that parents and students would want, readily available. Probably the biggest priority of the new website was that it was easily updatable by staff so that the content was always relevant and up to date. Using a WordPress CMS, we were able to train members of staff how to make changes and add new pages whenever needed. This meant the wait would grow with the school.



Making the website responsive meant that wherever staff were, they could make changes immediately using the CMS on their mobile devices. This also meant that parents and students would be able to access the website on their tablets or phones and keep up to date with the latest news from Elfed High School.

Figures haven’t yet been released for next years enrolment but lets just say that both Fifteen Design and Elfed High School are quietly confident that targets will of been exceeded.


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