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Rolling out ‘The Works’ for Super High Tech HR Software company, HRX People

February 9, 2022 - Fifteen

The Brand

It was so important to get this part aligned with the HRX vision and values.

Energetic they said. Connected they said – along with many other buzz words as you can imagine. Maximum effort went in to exploring the solution that would become the foundation for the future success of HRX.

As all our clients will know, fifteen follow the practice of archetypal branding. This takes out all the guess work. Establishing a clients’ archetype is so critically important to the success of the brand design that it really is a part of the process that can’t be missed.

For those that don’t know what an archetype is, it’s essentially a personality that your brand adapts, in line with other brands that share the same subconscious thoughts, feeling and emotions. Look out for future blogs on this coming soon!

The HR Information System

Now this is where it gets technical. The whole foundation of HRX is to provide an affordable online HR system that manages employees for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Working from our UX team’s wireframes and designs, our team of dedicated technical developers set to work headed up by our Product Director Mark, to deliver a sensational and seamless HR system solution for both desktop and mobile.

The Website

You can see the inspiration for the website came from the very brand itself. Our clients at HRX were super keen to continue the energy across the site. This is of course selling a SAS product and it needed to have this eye-catching design and colour scheme.

Whist currently simple in its size, design and delivery, the HRX website is now set to be built on for many years.


To accompany this and possibly most importantly, we at fifteen are now set to deliver a solid online marketing strategy. A full set of digital ad designs are going to put HRX in the face of businesses large and small all over the country.

Watch this space for this brand to soon become a real player in the market.

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