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The Bikeability Trust

Funded by the Department for Transport, The Bikeability Trust is a UK charity that seeks to promote cycling for all. The charity runs cycling training and certification in many schools across the country.

After a competitive pitch, Fifteen were selected to deliver two streams of work – the new public facing Bikeability website and the charity’s internal management system for fundraising and stakeholders.


The key challenges of the public facing website were to ensure that the needs of each user group (parents and guardians, teachers, instructors, funders) was met equally and that the website should be compliant to stringent accessibility requirements. In addition, the website needed to ensure that representation of people was diverse and it would ensure that all feel engaged in the cycling message.

During the discovery phase we uncovered the needs of each user group through focus groups and user engagement. From here we outlined the various user stories and needs that would determine the correct user journey, sitemap and functionality.


Our UX design team considered it vital that whatever a user was looking for through the website it should be obvious how to get there. We included a device that immediately signposts users to the relevant area of the website.

We worked carefully from an accessibility point of view and followed WCAG guidelines to ensure what we delivered would work for those with additional needs, for instance, the colour palette should be easily readable and the technology compatible with screen reading software.

Alongside this new website, we also began supporting a legacy system for The Bikeability Trust team. This project is a more software-focused project and started with an audit of the existing code and assets. From here we carry out monthly maintenance and modifications to ensure that the system grows with the charity and supports its day-to-day running and management.

It has been a pleasure to work with The Bikeability Trust and to improve its engagement from both a marketing and operational perspective.



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