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September 21, 2012 - fifteen

Fifteen Mugs, Rug and Golf Balls

As you can imagine, as a design and brand agency, we have loads of clients that approach us wanting us to design corporate gifts, usually to give away at exhibitions or around Christmas time. For us, its always been something that we’ve never thought about doing for ourselves but always come up with ideas for others. That is until now. Over the last few months Fifteen Design have started to get the brand out to as many people as we can through various different channels. You may have seen our blog a couple of months ago unveiling the Fifteen Machine (our branded Smart Car) or if you‘ve been lucky, you may have seen it driving around. We’ll we’ve just taken our branded “stuff” count to the next level!

brand corporate mugs

Our first purchase was a selection of Fifteen Design Mugs. We all have our own mugs in the studio but sometimes, particularly if we were very busy, the washing up would get left and when it came to the morning round of teas and coffees, the OCD sufferers in the office would complain that they couldn’t drink out of any other mug. So, what better way to get round this than to give everyone the same mug so no one knows who’s is who’s and if the washing up gets left there’s enough for everyone to have 2 mugs. Simples!

brand corporate ballsThe next thing we decided to get branded was hardly a team decision. There’s only one member of the Fifteen team that plays golf and they decided that another great way for us to promote ourselves was to get branded Golf balls. Now as I don’t play myself and having seen the afore mentioned person on the driving range, if you would like to get your hands on these limited edition Titleist balls, they are available in water hazards, bunkers, woodlands and beyond the “out of bounds” areas of all good local golf courses. 😉

brand corporate rug

Our third and final addition isn’t really one for our clients (unless you come and visit us at the office that is). We got fed up with having to clean the wooden floor in our office every time it rains and someone walked in and left footprints, so what better way to keep an clean floor that with our beautiful branded Fifteen Design rug! Why did we get a branded rug instead of a normal bog standard rug to wipe our feet on, you may ask? The answer is simply…because we can.

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