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November 20, 2023

We are looking to acquire small UK and European based agencies so if you are thinking of selling your digital web design agency then please get in touch.

Fifteen has made multiple acquisitions of digital agencies already and are proud to have a confidential, smooth and streamlined and fair way to handle the process.

Whatever the reason for sale, whether retirement, not wanting to run a business any more, geographical move, financial difficulties or even a career change, we’re interested to hear from you if you are looking to sell your web design company.

Maybe you’re a small agency owner looking to capitalise on what has been built over the years or simply a freelance web developer looking to sell your portfolio and make sure they are looked after.

Running an agency isn’t easy, especially with the current tough economic climate and agency competition at an all-time high so we appreciate that business success goes up and down over the years of running a web design company.

We have met many web design agency owners who have been in financial difficulty and are happy to have allowed them to walk away with something for their endeavours rather than have to close the doors in a few months time with nothing. We also welcome talent in to Fifteen so if you are looking to sell your web design company and looking for a job then please do reach out to us.

There are various ways a sale of a web design or digital agency can work and we’re completely open to agree something that works for both yourself the agency seller and us.

You may wish to stay on and be a part of a bigger group or you might want to want to walk away and do something totally new.

Either way, we can be accommodating and make sure that you get what you want out of selling your web design agency.

If you are looking to sell your agency, then we would typically follow the process outlined below;

1. Arrange a call where we can ask you some top-level information and find out what you are looking to achieve post sale.

2. Have a face to face or zoom meeting to get enough detail on the agency to allow us to provide you a fair offer to purchase the agency

3. If all agreed, we would then request to see certain documents to validate the information discussed

4. Have a meeting with you to talk through what we will need after the sale is complete

5. Sign the paperwork, transfer the money to you and complete the transaction

We try and make buying web agencies as simple and as streamlined as possible to ensure that you feel like selling your agency was easy.

Clients will see a continuation of service and will be given a named contact of who they can get in touch with if they need anything doing. We will also try and get out and meet as many clients as possible as we understand that the selling of an agency can some times unsettle clients but looking after each and everyone of them is a priority for us.

All conversations will be kept 100% confidential and we will be happy to sign a NDA for peace of mind.

We are a friendly bunch who are very down to earth so we trust that you will find conversations are straightforward and easy.

If you’d like to open discussion around the sale of your digital agency, please call John on 0115 932 5151, email [email protected] or put an enquiry through.




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