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Social media marketing tips for Halloween

October 13, 2017

Halloween marks the start of the buying season in the retail world, on the run-up to Christmas. The weather gets colder and the daylight diminishes which see’s us all taking to our laptops and tablets to explore and shop online. Actually, the average person spends just over 2 hours’ week in the evening making purchases once the clocks go back. With Britain’s Halloween spending looking likely to reach a hell-raising high of £500 million, it’s a key time of year for marketers to sink their teeth into some conversion generating campaigns by getting creative.

Due in part to the Americanisation of popular culture in the UK, Halloween has never been so monstrously obvious. If you have a product to offer, this holiday is a gold mine. Clever product placement on influencer blogs or social posts are a sure way to get great exposure. More simply, place your goods in ghoulish setups works a treat when encouraging social engagement.

If you offer a service or a part of a whole other industry it doesn’t mean you can’t on the holiday. We’ve put together some great tricks for your Halloween social media marketing campaigns.

Fancy dress your profiles 

Much like a well-dressed shop front entices passing foot fall, a seasonally decorated social profile can encourage your fans to get involved by liking and commenting on your gruesome get up. It also shows you are aware of your audience’s wider environments. I mean, you wouldn’t let Christmas pass you by without a mention – so Halloween shouldn’t be any different!

Photo sharing

With around half the population buying costumes and fancy dress items near Halloween, it’s no shock that social media becomes swamped with pictures of this year’s fiendish faces and otherworldly outfits. 2015 saw 23 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag Halloween. Consider hosting a photo contest for the most devilish disguised, or just encourage the community spirit and engagement by asking your followers to post their Halloween pics.

Treat your customers

Trick or treating isn’t just for children, play a game with your fans! Treat them to some dead good discounts or offer a petrifying promotion. Create a sense of urgency by offering for a limited time only – say just the one day. More simply, you could offer a giveaway prize of a traditional box of terrible treats and sweets – this works particularly well on Twitter, being a thriving environment for competitions and prizes.

Trick your customers

We don’t mean in the malicious sense, just the mischievous! Get people talking with Twitter polls – for example, what’s your favourite Halloween squad? Zombies, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves… Stir the cauldron with some controversial conversation starters – what’s your spooky song of choice? Or create some simple Halloween themed quizzes and plug them into your blog.

Team culture 

Of course, if you’re interested in seeing what your customers are up to this Halloween, they may also be equally intrigued as to what you’re doing also. Share Instagram stories and posts screaming about your team culture. Did someone bake creepy cakes or bring in tasty treats – document it. Showing your audience ‘in the office’ shots humanises your brand and instantly makes you more approachable and identifiable.

Tips, advice and guides

One thing people are doing around this hellish holiday is searching for ideas and inspiration. 40% people on Pinterest started planning in advance for Halloween in 2015, using the platform mainly for costume ideas. If you can offer some knowledge or advice in this area or another – such as décor, food or events – you’re on to a winner. Create content you can recycle (with updates) every year – costume guides, simple Halloween food hacks or top things to do.

If you’re in need of any more social media hints, tips or advice head over to our website or speak to one of our team.

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