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Split testing: What is it and how can it benefit me?

April 13, 2023

Split testing in digital marketing has revolutionised the industry, because marketers can truly understand their audience and how they’re reacting to their marketing efforts. It’s one of the easiest ways to know if your marketing campaigns are performing well, and allows you to see how best to optimise your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Businesses everywhere should be conducting split tests across every aspect of their digital marketing for many reasons. Keep reading to learn more of the benefits split testing can bring for your business.

What is split testing?

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, is the practice of running two strategies simultaneously that are identical, except for one element. When the split test is launched, a certain percentage of your audience will see one version of your campaign, and the rest will see the other version. 

The purpose is to determine which technique is more effective at converting your customers. Split tests can be conducted across multiple marketing channels including PPC, email and social media for example. You can test just about anything including content, email subject lines and call to action buttons to name a few.

How can split testing benefit me?

Split testing is widely acknowledged as a great practice to improve results of your marketing efforts. It’s a simple practice that marketers use to evaluate several factors in their campaigns. Here are a few other benefits it brings:

You can find out what your customers are thinking

By conducting split tests, you can get a better understanding of how your customers engage with your business. You can run tests on something as simple as button colours, which allows you to review what people are interacting with more effectively. With this knowledge, you can optimise your campaigns so you can convert your target audience.

You can avoid marketing faux pas

If you want to test the waters on a new marketing strategy, split testing provides the perfect opportunity to do so. You can simultaneously run your current campaign alongside your new campaign, meaning you can reduce the risk of any marketing faux pas. You can see what elements of your new campaign work best and optimise effectively to help generate more leads and conversions.

You can apply it to anything and everything

No matter what part of your marketing strategy isn’t working quite the way you want to, you can split test it. If you find your email open rate has dropped, or you’re not getting the conversion rate from your PPC campaigns, or some of your landing pages aren’t performing as well as others, you can conduct a split test to see how you can improve it. Split testing can be, and should be, applied to all aspects of a digital marketing campaign.

Need some help with your split testing?

If you need help with your split testing, why not get in touch with our experts today? We can do all the hard work for you from testing your campaigns, to analysing the results and even implementing the improvements, so you can get the best from your marketing campaigns.




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