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September 19, 2020

Adventure Experience Reopening with the Help of Fifteen

We all know that when lockdown hit it was going to cause serious problems for all businesses alike. Sports and recreation were probably hit the hardest as they rely on bums on seats to make their businesses profitable. When there are no people, there’s no business.

Thankfully this didn’t last for too long and just like sleepy animals waking from hibernation, businesses began to reopen with new plans on how they would adapt and evolve to continue what they do best. The game wasn’t over it had changed, there were new rules, new regulations but above all, the games could continue and we were there at the beginning of a new dawn for one of our clients, Adventure Experience.

Founded in 2010, Adventure Experience is the UK’s leading Adventure Golf Operator. They design and build the very best adventure golf courses in the country that keep families thrilled and entertained nationwide. From life-size Tyrannosaurs and other terrifying dinosaurs to pirate galleons and lost treasure there really is something for everyone.

We knew how important it was to tell people as soon as possible that the reopening was happening, that putts needed putting and hole-in-ones needed to be shouted about, give them a date for their diaries and to reassure them that they would be safe and in good hands when returning to play adventure golf.

Before lockdown it was easy, you could walk where you wanted around the course, you could handle equipment without worrying about who had handled the equipment before you, it seems strange to think how things have changed and you now have to reassure people of every single detail that we took for granted such a short while ago.

So what did we do, how could we tell customers that it’s ‘game on’! One key thing we did was design and build their Covid-19 reopening safety plan page on their website. This covered everything in 10 simple steps from what protective wear to have on arrival, hygiene and zoning as well as letting customers know that all the staff had been trained and screened for any symptoms.

It was important to show this in a clear and informative way. Using iconography we broke down key information and condensed it into manageable chunks that customers could easily take on board and understand no matter how old they were. We also built a more in-depth COVID-19 measures and practices page where you could read more details of what the opening procedures would be.

During the run-up to the reopening day, we designed informative posters and signage that was placed around the adventure golf courses to help guide customers through each course safely and without any problems. We also designed floor graphics which again helped to guide people in the right direction and keep groups of people at the right distance from each.

We also launched a successful social campaign reinforcing all the key details before reopening and to let customers know that there would be an online booking system only, again to avoid handling cash but, above everything else, it was paramount that customers were made to feel safe and protected and these messages ran through all of our communications online and offline.

Since reopening their adventure golf courses Adventure Experienced have gone from strength to strength, customers are back and enjoying the fun. It’s been a great project to work on, communicating with the customer in a fun but informative way, and helping clients to open their doors again.

Anyone for golf?




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