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The Benefits of Using a Full-Service Agency

September 18, 2020

In our line of work, brand design, website design, and digital marketing, Fifteen is often approached by clients who ask if we are happy to work with them in conjunction with another agency instead of a full-service agency. We mostly say yes, of course.

Consequently, this leads to some strong relationships with other design agencies, web agencies and digital marketing agencies in Nottingham. This collaboration is useful as it means that we’ve shared ideas. about our own businesses as well as the clients themselves.

It’s more often than not, more beneficial for the client to have just one full-service agency. Don’t get me wrong sharing a client certainly has its place. Especially where each agency doesn’t offer the other agency’s services. But where the services overlap, it can be more beneficial for the client to have it all in one place. Here’s why.

The entire team working on marketing is all under one roof

This means that staff are more likely to talk more, to communicate more and, consequently, more work often gets done. This clarity means the project seem to progress more efficiently. Teams are in the same creative space and this works for the benefit of the client. They share ideas about the project and tend to act on things more quickly. 

For example, if one agency had come up with an idea to do something; they might sit on that idea for a day or two before picking up the phone. However, if they were sitting in the same room every day, then they would throw it on the table there and then.

Possible cost saving for the client

Where an agency works on several services such as design, SEO and PPC, then the agency is likely to offer a discounted rate. This can benefit the client as money saved can be put back into Ad spend for Google and the like.

Better understanding of the client

I would agree that working full service for a client allows any agency to better understand the client. There’s always an onboarding process by agencies that gives us a thorough understanding. However, as time goes on, think about how businesses change throughout that journey. Think about how that affects aspects of marketing. Think about the value of one website and digital agency being able to learn and share all that knowledge internally.

Better understanding of cross-marketing results

Whilst working with a client along with another agency has its plusses when a full services agency solely works for a client across several practices, then there’s no reason for the agency to get it wrong. It always means well when a client is trying to get three teams of people together every month to report on the progress, i.e., the client themselves, the SEO agency and the PPC agency. But this can be more difficult to keep up than you might think.

Think about it this way. The agency is working on PPC campaigns and an SEO strategy, what delivers on PPC can add value to the strategy. This share of information is invaluable and immediate when using a full-service agency and doesn’t get sat un until the next update meeting.  

Just a thought.

if you’re interested in a full digital marketing service or would like to know more about how we can help you realise your potential contact us today. We’re ready and waiting to help you reach new audiences and smash targets!




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