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The Best SEO Tools of 2020

September 23, 2020

SEO heavily relies on different tools to be able to complete all the best practices and to see significant results. Different tools provide different qualities; from keyword research and competitor analysis to, discovering trends and completing site audits. These only just scratch the surface of all the different elements you can achieve with the right tool!

Here are a few of 2020’s top SEO tools.

Screaming Frog

This tool is every SEO’s best friend and considered one of the best by experts. Perfect for performing site audits, this tool can analyse your website at a fast pace and highlights a multitude of elements. From bad redirection and duplicate content to link building areas of improvement and general on-page errors. It’s extremely easy and straightforward to follow and can save huge amounts of time where other similar tools lack. 

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool

The second largest website crawler after Google is Ahrefs. This tool has become one of the most recommended. It provides a huge amount of features from site audits, rank tracking and keyword research. Also, it allows you to uncover your competitors’ backlinks and even find the most linked to content within your niche. Finally, it’s a great tool for finding link building opportunities which are often a challenging area of SEO.

Google Search Console

An amazing FREE tool which is offered to anyone with a website! All that’s required is to verify your site by simply adding some code to your website. Alternatively, you can go through Google Analytics and submit your sitemap for indexing. With this free tool comes the ability to monitor and report on your website’s presence in the SERPs and control what’s indexed. It also allows you to understand how users and Google view your site. This means you can optimize for better performance in Google’s search results.


As one of the top marketing tool contenders SEMRush allows you to do a huge variety of things like finding new ranking opportunities. On top of this it’s super easy to assess your own rankings and their changes. It’s great for direct website competitor comparison with its Domain Vs Domain analysis feature which has become one of the most popular elements. With SEMRush reports, you can analyse and understand your site’s traffic and search data while being able to compare domains and keywords. Improving your website’s performance is made easy with the On-Page SEO Checker tool which highlights all your sites errors and warnings.

Google Trends

Another excellent tool provided by Google which provides deep keyword analysis. With the ability to search for a keyword in any country, Google Trends can then tell you top queries, rising queries, geographical locations and interest over time. Not only is it great for finding keywords but it also provides insights into trends around your keyword topic. 


Your website could be penalized by Google for having duplicate content and that’s where Siteliner comes in handy! This SEO checker can highlight duplicate content, page sizes, page speed, broken links and even the number of internal links. Siteliner can also provide you with perspective as it compares your site to the average of other websites checked. 


Named one of the best marketing tools by experts, Majestic has an army full of features including the ability to see the ranking of the top million websites. Other features allow you to track your ranking, find keywords and monitor backlinks. With Majestic you can add and compare multiple sites to then compare them with various metrics such as external backlink count, referring domain count and trust flow.

These tools only just scratch the surface of the variety of SEO enhancing tools out there. There are tools to achieve everything, granted that you know how to use them correctly and have done your research. Choosing the right tools is a big responsibility but luckily a lot of them offer free features of trials so you can make a confident decision when choosing which ones to pursue.

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