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The Fifteen Fitbit Challenge – 1st-7th August

August 8, 2016 - Fifteen

The Fifteen Fitbit Challenge is in full swing, and this week a lot of the team have ‘stepped it up’. This week, with a massive 117,371 steps, the winner is Kirsty from the Digital Marketing team! Here is how everyone else got on. In the Workweek Hustle (Mon-Fri) Mikey from the Developers and Kirsty from Digital Marketing were the top steppers. However, that does not mean that they win for the whole week! The Weekend Warrior had a huge impact, with Chris, also Developers, and Kirsty (AGAIN!) winning for the weekend. Overall, it means that the leaderboard looks like this:

Fitbit 1-7 August Individuals

The graphic that you can see above is everyone individually. We then added everyone together that are on the same team (accounts, designers etc.) and got an average for each team. See the team results below:

Fitbit 1-7 August Teams

Marketing ran away with the victory as you can see, so well done to Kirsty, India, Natalie and Tom!

If you find out the distance of Kirsty’s 117,371 steps, it works out at a whopping 65.2 kilometres! That’s from Nottingham to Coventry!


If you add everyone together, it’s 912,568 steps (506.9km). That’s from Nottingham to Sligo, Ireland, the home of famous boyband Westlife. As a collective, we really have flown without wings!

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