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The Fifteen Fitbit Challenge – 8th-14th August

August 17, 2016 - Fifteen

The Fifteen Fitbit Challenge has returned for its second instalment, and this time, we have ventured out into eastern Europe. We, as a collective, have walked 617 kilometres (2,873,122 steps), which takes us to Ukraine. 45 and a half million people currently live in the country, and they now have the Fifteen team to contend with! The name Ukraine originally means ‘borderland’ or ‘region’ and, in English, the nation used to be called ‘The Ukraine’, but now the term has just been shortened to ‘Ukraine’.

The managing director, Ollie, has Ukrainian heritage and has family ties to the country – the giveaway is in his surname!

Without further ado, here are the results of the recent Workweek Hustle:


This week Mikey stormed to victory in the individual challenge, accumulating 94,891 steps! Fantastic effort by Mikey and everyone! Except Chanelle, come on, step it up..

On average, this week the team with the most steps and with winners of the FitBit challenge are…

Team FitBit - Week 2

The Designers! Alexandra and Michelle between them completed 137,597 steps! What an amazing effort to come through with the win, especially being a team member down in Lucy, who was loving life Spain.

Come back next week for the next episode of the Fifteen FitBit challenge, and we’ll see if Mikey can be dislodged from the top spot!

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