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The Fifteen Project Process: Project Start Meeting

August 24, 2017

Welcome to the first instalment of a brand new series of posts coming straight from the production team here at Fifteen! Throughout this series, the production team will be giving you an insight into the many stages and processes of a website project; from the moment it comes through the door to when it flies the Fifteen nest and enters the world wide web.

In this post I will be talking about the project start meeting, which is where you’ll be meeting your Fifteen team and sharing your aspirations and goals for the project.

Who will be at the project start meeting?

During your first project start meeting, you’ll be introduced to the project key members working on your project. You will meet your designated Project Manager and Designer, and depending on what your project consists of, the meeting could also include our Content Specialist and a member of the Digital team. You will also be joined by your Account Manager, who will be there throughout the project to provide any assistance you may need.

Why do we need a project start meeting?

Why are project start meetings useful to us and most importantly, why do you NEED them? Well, in short, they are important because they allow you to meet your project team, and to express your ideas which can allow us to visualise them, and create the perfect design concepts and final product for yourself and the company.

Project start meetings are there to give you an insight into how we like to do things here at Fifteen as well giving you the opportunity to communicate your brief thoroughly to the wider team. The project start meeting is a good opportunity for the whole project team to get to know each other and share project information before the next stage of the project begins. The meeting is the first opportunity for us to build relationships and maintain our high customer satisfaction rate.

Once team introductions have been made, we will discuss your industry, your project goals and what you want from the whole project. It’s a great opportunity for us both to ask as many questions as we like so that we don’t leave any stone unturned. The more we can gather at the project start meeting the stronger platform we have to kick start the project.

Where do we hold project start meetings?

Project start meetings can take place wherever you want! Whether that’s in your office or ours, at a local attraction or down the boozer, we will do all we can to fulfil your requests. We also have an office space down in Shoreditch, London which we can use to host our meeting if the capital is closer and more preferable for you.

When will we do a project start meeting?

Your project start meeting can take place whenever is preferable for you. Whether that is first thing in the morning on a Monday when everyone is fresh and ready for the week, or 3pm on a Friday when there is a more relaxed vibe! Regardless of when you want to have the meeting, we will always give you and your business 15 out of 10.

How long will a project start meeting take?

A lot of clients ask how long the meetings last and in all honesty they last for completely different amounts of time, purely depending on the size of the project, the functionality, and the amount of people in the meeting.  If there are 10 stakeholders in the meeting it may last for quite a while, however, if there is a smaller set of stakeholders in the meeting it could be kept short and sweet. It’s the same if it is a website that includes a lot of functionality, it may take some time to showcase what not only what you need as a client but what we at Fifteen can do for you and your company, during the project and beyond!


The project start meeting is the first of many stages that contribute towards completing a successful website project.  

Are you interested in learning more about how we approach projects at Fifteen? Read part two of our blog where Holly gives you an insight into the next step of the process: Site-mapping and wire-framing!




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