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The Fifteeners: New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2017


The New Year is here. Year in, year out, we make resolutions to better ourselves in terms of getting rid of poor habits, picking up good ones, taking better care of ourselves and the people around us, learning to manage our lives better.

We asked our team to think of their new year’s resolution for 2017.


My New Years Resolution at work is to be able to work harder. My personal resolution is to be able to eat much better as being busy all day means I just grab what I can when I can, so I plan to prepare better so I can eat better.


My New Years Resolution for work is to continue to grow and improve the quality of our offering. My personal one is to run at least 3 times a week.


For my work’s New Years Resolution I would like to not be dragged into the eating habits of the office and my personal one is to not eat everything I see!


My New Years Resolution at work is to stop stressing so much when things are out of my control, to be able to launch more websites than 2016. My personal New Year’s resolution is to invest time in myself. improve myself both physically and mentally, and spend more time doing the things that I love.


In 2017, my goal is to save up my money and go on holiday twice, once with my family and once with my mates. My Work aspiration for the New Year is to complete all projects well ahead of deadline!


My personal New Years Resolution is to spend some attention on my home and garden. My work resolution is to make a difference and provide support to Ollie, Kate and the team.


I hope for sunshine on my wedding day! My aspiration is to visit new places on my holidays. I dream that Derby County will get promotion. My resolution is to try to have more patience. Again. My prophecy for 2017… Who knows! Enjoy the ride, hope it’s a good one.


I hope that we can continue to win awards for our websites in 2017. I will endeavour to not let anything leave Fifteen without being award winning. My prediction is that live prototyping will become even more common in website design/development.


In 2017 I hope to learn how to relax. I’d like to dedicate more time to sitting and drawing so I can finally fill all the empty frames in my house. I’d like to see more of the world, help out and make an impact for something great, oh and get nicely toned arms.


My aim for 2017 is to be able to sort all my emails more frequently at work. I would also like to make sure I go for a walk to get away from my desk more often and to be able to see more places.


My personal New Year’s Resolution is to start going to the gym. At work I would like to be able to take the time to learn another front-end framework.


My aim for 2017 is to get my tattoo finished and would like to be able to learn more about Roots’ Sage and Bedrock and also Twig/ Timber (all WordPress things).


I would like to be able to win awards for my websites at work. Personally my New Years Resolution is that I would like to get back onto the motorbike.


We’ve got some really big projects coming up in 2017 and I’m looking forward to collaborating closely with other members of the dev team as well as greater involvement with the designers.


At work I’d like to be better and faster at coding and use better user interfaces to make clients’ work easier. I would also like to run a marathon in under 3 hours.


I can’t wait to learn more and start some exciting projects in 2017!


This year I will join in on more webinars! The invites always pass me by, and whenever I do manage to get on one they’re full of useful information. I will also make my best effort to not touch a drop of Redbull!


In 2017 I want to be able to learn more and gain more experience within SEO. My personal New Years Resolution is that I hope that I will gain more confidence and to also pass my driving test first time in March.


At work I aim to get our social services nominated for an award or gain an honourable mention. In my personal life, I want to take part in the next Great British Bake Off!


I’d like to master a few tools, such as Hubspot, that give more structure and tracking to online content, as well as a couple of certificates to sharpen my skills. Because certificates are nice. I am totally planning to give up sugar for January. It’s a nasty lovely addictive substance that does me no good! Too many cakes in the office. Must resist…


I’d like to save more – hopefully I’ll win the lottery!




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