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The Secret to Memorable Slogans

May 13, 2021

Do you remember any slogans and/or their taglines when you were younger? Did you manage to memorise their hooks? I know when I was a child I could remember loads and still to this day I know them.

It means what they did – worked.

How? Well, it’s clear that I’ll only seem to interact with the slogans if the products that I am interested were on at that time.

Slogans make for an important part of the business identity and most would agree on this point too. Well, in this market, slogans, taglines and hooks are effective when brands utilise them effectively and continuously.

First of all, what is a slogan? Slogans are either a catchy catchphrase and/or grouped words which are connected  in a way that will identify the product.” But in its simple terms, it is a tiny statement regarding your business. The goal is to leave a key brand message in a consumer’s mind.

In this blog, I have outlined 5 supportive reasons why slogans and taglines can be an important part of creating a great business.

1. Planning

Planning by far is one of the most important of them all, but at the same time can be one of the more boring of the steps. You’re good in what you’re already set out to do, however, you are not when it comes to planning a distinctive slogan.

The strategy – however crucial is in my few THE step to get right and at this stage, you’ll bring in more clarity and though around the missions and values that run through the business.

When the slogan and or tagline has been decided, you are now able to work with this and create what the business you are selling is all about and also how do the benefits bring to your chosen market.

The slogan in which you have finally created could now do more or less the same or even better than the current memorable ones. Consumers will then, intuitively associate with the business, knowing what you’re all about and what you have to offer.

2. Standing Out

Working alongside the planning, you will have to also – heavily – research your competitors on what they are saying about themselves. I cannot stress this enough, it’s so important that you do this. When you’re wanting to have some shares of the market, you really want to make sure that you are setting an example and also improving the benefits that competitors of your business are setting.

Once you have launched the business alongside the business proposition, you will become a competitor in your own right.

In this world, it’s a flooded market place with less expensive products for consumers to purchase because manufacturing and it’s processes are getting so much more cheaper and therefore people are trying to make a business from this demand of consumers wanting more for less.

There are many examples on how lower-cost processes made elsewhere have been simply copied instead of being innovative. Making them more improved, if unfortunately costing the consumer, but the quality is not improved much.

Your very own competitors may copy the ideas you may have too, but what they may not be able to copy. However, the things that the competitors of your business will not be able to do is copy your slogan. Once you have made it then it’s YOURS.

3. USP

Your USP is something that will set yourself apart from your competitors.

There’s so much discussion out there whether should you need a simple USP that makes you stand out and be different. What I feel why people are asking this is are these USPs truly unique. If something unique is – unique, or it’s not. The question for all to make something unique, who claim the services, the products and the business they provide say they are fully unique?

I feel that it’s very possible to partake in a unique selling point or USP, as this would really associate with your brand and its story with your business, services and products. But the reason that really makes the business unique I hear you say? You.

The slogan plays the leading part in how the brand is where it will grow loyalty and then be very memorable. Having this will then make your brand very different from others.

4. Sharing Your Benefits

A slogan that is in-keeping with your brand values will then inform your consumers of your values, and what they are with your services or products but ultimately having a slogan should never confuse a customer it should evoke on excitement and trust.

Slogans that are read by your customers should quickly and instinctively get the customers the clear benefits they will be expecting from your services and products. Will these goods ever change the consumer’s lives? Will they ever meet the need that the consumers hope for? This is where the slogan would say all that.

5. Remembered It

Once you have all those elements in place, and there is plenty of evidence around in which top market-leading brands have resulted in memorable slogans and this will be as well as yours.

But something I have learned over the years when crafting slogans and taglines is also adding one more thing:

6. Make It Very positive

Avoid the words such as ‘hate’. Having more positive and helpful words could result in a lasting impression.

A difference between the tagline and a slogan are often similar, but actually, they serve two separate purposes:

Slogans are normally what the company actually stand for in which can have longer character length than the tagline.

But the tagline, therefore, is normally the quicker, more catchier phrase which puts the brand’s image in the minds of your customers.

Taglines can often accompany and sit alongside the business logo or device, on such as adverts. This is more committed when a brand is showing it’s awareness, therefore they would use a tagline rather than a slogan.

Slogans do carry the company’s value however they are more like the company’s main tagline.

Your organisation, however, does not need to create a tagline or a slogan. However, sometimes it can be easier to have a slogan that is generally used but you can use taglines that are different for other materials.

Also with a motto that your customers will remember could be used in normal discussions in our day to day chats. Great advertising slogans don’t just get consumers talking or interacting about your brand – it brings it to life.

Below are some of my favourite slogans that are memorable and have raised the bar with their business.

McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ It”

McDonalds’ “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan most commonly recognised and established straplines. This slogan really ties in well with brand’s values, sticking in everyones minds. Working in harmony alongside the adverts they have created – this has led to the company with a very successful campaign.

Kit Kat – “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”

When I was a kid, this was a for sure favourite chocolate bar (and Superdreamers!), this iconic ‘Have a Break’ slogan is one that I can always remember far back in the past and also it’ll be here for the end of days. Used across all their media such as TV adverts and printed materials like their chocolate, this tagline mirrors how quick this bar of chocolate can be eaten. It’s very simple but most important, it so rememberable – just like their branding.

Dr Pepper – “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?”

In early 2009, the “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” campaign was a great success for Dr Pepper. This catchy yet memorable song that is featured on their adverts, is what sets them apart. The humour they’ve used has helped make them memorable and effective. Dr Pepper really knew their brand, including their audience too. This is why their campaign is why it’s one of the most famous of them all.

Tesco – “Every Little Helps”

Tesco (a UK Supermarket) is famous for its strapline “Every Little Helps” perfectly reflects this and has been used in printed and television marketing for many years. These words, in particular, are one of my most memorable slogans which are so effective.

L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It”

A cosmetics brand that continuously makes women and some men feel amazing, L’Oreal. Their unique and the most used tagline, “Because You’re Worth It” is the only tagline they have used and it’s been used that long – many people only when hearing this they know exactly who the brand is. This tagline, really tells a unique story whoever the model or celebrity endorsement is on the advert, where it’s telling the consumer that they really do deserve that treat, because they are worth it. What they have done in the past to gain more traction on the brand is use twists on their slogans, such as when they have been selling bottles of shampoo for children, these children would shout out… “Because We’re Worth It Too”.

Apple – “Think Different”

Apple pushes its boundaries all the time, especially with their technology. Always thinking up new ideas and that is the reason for their slogan “Think Different”, a tagline which works that well, they continuously tell a story to their customers why they’re better and allows the customer to buy right into the lifestyle, plus they are miles ahead in this sector.


Having a tagline or a slogan for your company can be crucial. A USP with the benefits will protect you from your competition. You might be starting a new and exciting product or launching a new service or you’re an established company in which you need a new set of consumers, then running a memorable and compelling slogan can drive your business – whilst bringing your benefits and beliefs into it can provide you with a slogan that is very catchy and memorable to your audience and more.

Contact us to find out more about crafting memorable slogans. We’re here to supercharge your marketing and help you define your brand.




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