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Top 10 Business Tips for 2017

January 2, 2017

A New Year gives businesses the time to freshen up their approach or to focus on new ideas. We’ll definitely be doing the same. Here are some of the business tips that are on our minds to help make 2017 even better. Hopefully you’ll find them useful too. 

Reset your bookmarks

Want to learn more for the year ahead? Want to get some new ideas? Clear any bookmarks on your browser that are not working, and set up some new ones. Favourite new websites that are relevant to your industry, or that think differently. It’s a great cheat to put you in a new mind-set for your industry

Subscribe to different newsletters

Following on from some new website bookmarks, why not subscribe to a few newsletters as well. Unsubscribe from those that aren’t doing much, or that you don’t really read, and find out who’s providing better information. It’ll mean that your inbox is not only clear of clutter, but the things that do land in there will be more useful to you

Reflect on past successes

Before you get into the thick of it for 2017, why not list some of the great things your company or department achieved in the previous year. Not only is this a good way of seeing your progress, and getting in a positive state of mind, but it can help set the tone for what to strive for this year.

Think about wellbeing

January isn’t the happiest time of the year for many people. Whether it’s a tough Christmas or the gloomy weather and commuting in the dark, it’s important to do a few things to consider people’s wellbeing. (We’ll be looking at this more in 2017…)

Re-examine your personal goals

Sure you’ve got your financial targets and business goals. But we spend a huge chunk of our lives at work, so what about setting some more personal goals? Maybe it’s time to go on a course to develop a skill, or to learn a new one entirely.

Find relevant conferences

Before your work mounts up, work out get the best learning and networking opportunities to help give 2017 a boost. Whatever industry you’re in there are plenty of opportunities to go to workshops and meet like-minded people. It might also open the door to a new client or even new members of staff.

Eat well

If, like us, you plan to eat like a pro during Christmas dinner then it’s worth trying to make a focus on your health and nutrition in the New Year. Bring some fruit into work. Avoid the chocolates that someone has inevitable brought into the office so they don’t have to eat it at home. Consider the healthier options when browsing the meal deals at lunchtime.

Put something back into the community

A great way to bring your company or teams together is to do joint activities. And there’s nothing quite like putting something back into your local community with employee volunteering. It’ll benefit not only your business, but others around you.

Replace broken equipment

If that printer is still playing up, maybe it’s time to refresh and get a new one. Make a list of everything that’s broken and, depending on budgets, prioritise the things that need updating. It’ll make life in the office so much easier in the year ahead.

Create a content calendar

Finally, if you’re in a bit of a panic about what to talk about on a social media channel, or what changes you want to make to your website and when, then the best thing to do is start mapping out what you want to talk about on a calendar of activity. It’s something we can help you with so that you’re never in a struggle over what to put out online.




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