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UKCoffeeWeek – Give traffic to your website a caffeine boost with Pinterest marketing

April 14, 2017 - Fifteen

As it’s UKCoffeeWeek I’ve been looking at how to give your traffic figures a much-needed caffeine boost, particularly from Pinterest. The channel is often overlooked when it comes to being a valuable traffic driver, with more popular channels such as Facebook and Twitter coming to the fore. However, just like a good cup of coffee – with quality ingredients and getting the combinations just right, Pinterest can prove itself as a fantastic marketing tool.

It’s worth considering how you view Pinterest. What is it? Is it a glorified picture book? Is it a social media channel? Well, to some extent the latter is true, as it brings those with common interests together. Whatever you’re into you can almost always find like-minded individuals pinning about just that particular subject matter. However, although Pinterest has the tools to start discussions around topics this is not been one of its popular primary uses. I feel it’s worth understanding Pinterest as a visual search engine. Similarly, Pinterest refers to itself as ‘the world’s catalogue of ideas’. I personally prefer the phrase ‘Google after a caffeine hit’ – so you can imagine the potential power Pinterest holds when used to the optimum of its capabilities.

Here’s a list of 8 top tips to improve your Pinterest marketing in order to increase traffic driven to your website.

Caffeinated Keywords

A pin without keywords is like a cup of coffee without, well, coffee! If you’re not releasing all the right aromas, your potential customers can’t sniff you out. As I mentioned earlier Pinterest is more of a search engine, with most user journeys starting with a keyword search. It may sound obvious but if you are selling locally hand-roasted coffee make sure you’re including your keywords such as ‘hand-roasted coffee’ and ‘locally roasted coffee’ within your pin descriptions.

A Splash of Links

Include links back to your website in your Pinterest profile and within your pin descriptions. Think of the best coffee brands (such as one including a particular green mermaid). They splash their branding everywhere – and you should too! If you don’t include a pathway to journey down then how do expect your potential customers to reach you? It’s a simple way to boost traffic by simply increasing links to your website.

Be Clear with Your Order

You know you what you want when it comes to your perfect coffee – no sugar, easy on the milk – and you wouldn’t be afraid to tell someone the way you like it. So why should your marketing be any different? Include clear calls to action within your pin descriptions. If you want people to ‘click here’ say so. It’s ok to be obvious here. Marketing doesn’t have to be subtle and mysterious.

Rich Pins Robusta

Use rich pins to make your content really stand out. This feature is only available to Pinterest business accounts, but it’s well worth using to make your pins more dynamic. In the coffee world Robusta coffee beans are known to pack the most punch – so think of rich pins as just that. There are product, place, article, app and recipe pins that allow you display more tailored information surrounding that particular type of posting. Rich pins require a little bit of code being to be added to your website, but once set up the benefits are fantastic.

Altura Images

‘Altura’ is Spanish for height and when used in coffee vocabulary this refers to ‘high grown’ coffee from Mexico. Here, we use it to describe the type of images which Pinterest uses – vertical and portrait in style. This goes hand in hand with most people viewing content on mobiles or tablets. Just like with good food and drink – your mouth waters with the sight of a good picture. Pinterest is the original image-led channel, so just as you would carefully consider if an image is Instagram-worthy, you should do this with the images you choose to share on Pinterest. Imagine scrolling through millions of pictures of latte art, you’ve seen thousands of perfect swirls and hundreds of swoon-worthy swans. You need to reach new heights with an image which stands out as something different, lead to those all-important click-throughs.

Best Before Date

Look to tidy up your current Pinterest content by making your pins consistent in style and design. You wouldn’t keep out of date coffee in your cupboard so maybe look to chuck out some old pins which are no longer performing. Make use of Pinterest’s inbuilt analytics package to see which pins have been working well for you and which haven’t. Some pins may look a bit dated or perhaps not in keeping with your current branding and visuals. Just as you would regularly clean out your coffee machine at home think about giving your Pinterest profile and pages a spring clean. Re-visit pins that are performing well and make them work even harder for you – are there any ways in which you can improve them as successful traffic drivers?

Stick with the Habit

Caffeine addiction can be considered a habit. But I say some habits are worth sticking with. You can’t function without a morning coffee, so why should your Pinterest page? Post consistently featuring your own content as well as re-pinning relevant content from others. Use social scheduling programmes such as Hootsuite or Hubspot to ensure you’re getting out content frequently. It’s here where Pinterest can be seen as a social channel, regular updates and activity are extremely beneficial when reaching out and connecting with your target audience.

A Timeless Classic

A good cup of regular coffee will always be popular, whereas a trendy caramel macchiato, venti, skimmed milk, extra shot, extra-hot, sugar-free… may not be.  Although there are benefits of hooking onto current trends when it comes to generating traffic, consider making the majority of your pins timeless. Ask yourself if this content will still be helpful or interesting in 3 months’ time…. Or maybe even in a couple of years’ time? Posts with longevity tend to be more constant and reliable traffic drivers.

The ways you can increase traffic to your website via Pinterest is certainly not limited to this list – it’s always an ever-evolving menu. However, these 8 ways are certainly a great way to start improving traffic numbers from your Pinterest page to your website.

Here at Fifteen, we can help give your digital marketing strategies a well-deserved caffeine boost, just give us a call. And we could even meet for a coffee.

UK Coffee Week takes place nationwide to generate funding for Project Waterfall, dedicated to bringing clean water facilities to coffee growing communities. Get involved by visiting their website or visiting one of their coffee shop sponsors.

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