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We Are Fifteen: Chris

October 31, 2015

Chris Lee
Front End Web Developer

About you

My first move into a career in web began when I finished studying a Level 3 Media course and started looking at an apprenticeship. It was through this apprenticeship at a marketing agency I was able to gain experience in a wide a variety of areas including web, print and business management. It was a great opportunity to see how the different roles co-existed before deciding I wanted to specialise in Web Development.

About your role

Joining Fifteen, I was given the opportunity to hone my development skills and specialise in Front End development while gaining great insight into Backend development at the same time.

I work with clients to ensure their websites run exactly as they are required in the backend, whilst making sure they run smoothly in the frontend.

What is your favourite project you’ve worked on?

I enjoy each new project that comes my way at Fifteen, but I would say the project that I really learnt a lot on, and that has really motivated me to become better was Portsmouth Golf Centre. This website was one of my very first projects at Fifteen using WordPress, and required a lot of time and dedication to build something the client could be proud of. As a website aimed at the golfing audience, I feel it speaks to golfers of any age with any level of experience, from ‘The Young Gun’ to ‘The Old Pro’. The website has a high level of interactivity and gives a great user experience to anyone who comes to the site.

What have you learnt at Fifteen?

When I started at Fifteen, I began working alongside a developer who has since moved on. He was a great help to me when I first moved and was able to quickly get me up to speed with developing around WordPress. I have learnt so much about web design, development and SEO from the team, who to me, all feel like they are at the top of their game. It has really enabled me to make websites that stand out from the crowd. As a show of this, two websites I developed at Fifteen have received a ‘Standard of Excellence’ from the Web Awards 2015.

What is rewarding about working for Fifteen?

Fifteen is a great place to work, and has really impacted my own personal development and progression. The amount I have learnt since beginning at fifteen is substantial and and each new project has exposed me to a different set of challenges. It has really provided me with the best experiences I could ask for. For me, my biggest reward is seeing my own skills grow, and be able to offer clients a better product in line with this.

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