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We Are Fifteen: Lucy

November 4, 2015

Lucy Goodwin

About you

Throughout school I had always gravitated towards art and the other creative subjects. I loved drawing and creating things, so they were the subjects I did well in. I’ve always been a creative person and knew it was an industry that I wanted to work in; so after studying for A Levels in Art and Design and Maths, I looked for a career path in which I could use my creative skills.

At University I studied a joint degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. This course gave me the opportunity to explore two sides within the creative industry. In my third year I dropped the illustration side of the course and went on to graduate in 2012 with a 2.1 in BA (Hons) Graphic Design.

About your role

At Fifteen I work on the design side in a team of three. Every day is varied as new projects come into the studio and I work on an assortment of projects from brands to packaging.

What is your favourite project you’ve worked on?

One of my favourite projects I’ve worked on at Fifteen would be the work I produced for The City of Leicester College. This was the first project I carried out for Fifteen from beginning to end, and gave me the opportunity to prove myself. I got to design a new website and following the success of this, two prospectuses. I love being able to carry a design out across all platforms, and I also got the opportunity to get involved with the school photography on a two day shoot. The designs created received a great response from both the clients and the rest of the team at Fifteen, which was very rewarding.

What have you learnt at Fifteen?

Fifteen was the second design agency which I gained work experience at. They offered me a ten week long placement on which I could gain experience, working on live briefs to strict deadlines. All of this would come together at the end to provide me with a strong portfolio and hopefully land me a job.

This opportunity was fast paced and real. I learnt everything I know about life in a design agency, the quick turn arounds, and juggling of a variety of projects for clients across all sectors. Along the way I got the chance to work on a variety of projects across branding and print design and was introduced to designing for web, all the while improving upon my knowledge of design software and sending artwork to print.

Fifteen are very proud of their work experience placement and I’m very happy to say I landed my first graphic design job before completing the placement, at the first place I applied to.

Six months later Fifteen offered me a job. I was more than happy to accept and come join the team again. I am now continuing to learn, always developing my own skills and improving upon my knowledge.

What is rewarding about working for Fifteen?

The whole team at Fifteen are great to be around. Everyone gets on so well, making it a brilliant environment to work in. With the broad range of skills you are constantly learning from each other, meaning you can progress and learn new things.

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