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Web Design Trends: The Top 5 Of 2019

May 10, 2019

We have put together the top 5 web design trends of 2019. At Fifteen it is important that we keep on top of the latest trends to deliver the best websites for our clients.

Serif Fonts in Web Design

We have all heard the saying “Serifs are for print and sans serifs are for web”, Right? Well, forget that! Sans serifs are out and Serifs are in! Now, if you have studied design you have probably been told that usually, serif fonts are typically harder to read for the user. However, this is not the case, the issue with being able to read serif fonts online is just a myth. Nevertheless, it is clear to say that the readability of a sans serif font is much easier and is one of the reasons why they are still the first choice for large amounts of website copy.

Consilium Escapes - Serif Fonts - Web Design Trends

These days, a lot of brands are choosing to use high contrast serif fonts in other ways on their websites such as headers and callouts. Mixing the old with the new and giving them a fresh modern look has proven to be a massive success. High contrast serif fonts are bold, loud and for sure to stand out, ensuring you to be set apart from competitors.

Realism + Flat Design

Although this web design trend is far from new, having seen fashion brands and product companies use this technique for years, it is fairly new to mainstream advertising. This technique is gaining a lot of popularity, so be sure to see this style more frequently in web design.

Tinplate Realism & Flat Design - Web Design Trends

Flat design mainly relies on simple features that make use of clean and open space, bright colours and 2D illustrations, whereas real-life objects combined with flat visual elements make for a bold and eye-catching design.  After all, opposites do attract and this is a prime example of where simplicity meets complexity.

Tinplate's Flat Design - Web Design Trends

Organic Shapes In Web Design

NMCN Organic Shapes in Web Design - Web Design Trends

Geometric shapes like circles, triangles, squares or any other straight-sided shape are perfectly uniform and don’t often appear in nature.  However, organic shapes have irregular angles, curves, lines and different lengths, which can be found in nature. As a result, you probably rarely see organic shapes in web design and are probably more use to seeing websites that display a more structured and symmetrical format. Having a website structured can be easier for the users’ readability and navigation through the site. Incorporating an organic shape into your site will grab the users attention and evidently bring a more personal touch to your site.

NMCM Using Organic Shapes - Web Design Trends

Websites using Vivid Colour

Vivid Colours have always been on trend so it comes as no surprise they made this list. Bold colours schemes in web design make for a design that will defiantly catch the attention of the user. More brands and designers have caught on with this trend and have started adding vivid colour pallets to their sites. This has had a knock-on effect with sites leaving the ‘less is more’ approach behind. This gives pages a new futuristic feeling to the overall design.

Brutalism is a Web design trend

Brutalism is one of the most popular web design trends that is up and coming in mainstream advertising. Brutalism is a style that attempts to look at a raw, unordered approach with type and imagery. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your website has to look like you have taken the screen and just given it a shake and hoped for the best. It takes a particular set of skills to make the unordered images and clashing fonts work together (and not work at the same time). With all that said, you can’t just design a website and call it ‘Brutalism’. At the end of the day, there is a fine line between brutalism and just plain ‘ugly’.

Bloomberg Homepage Web Design Trends

Using vivid colours, gradients, offset text combined with high contrast imagery and large amounts of white space (not always white, by the way) are the key factors that make brutalism work. That said, brutalism isn’t for everyone; it’s like minimalism, some people may think it’s too bare. Nonetheless, if it’s not your target audience visiting your site they are probably going to be distracted by the overpowering colours and imagery and be turned away. Finding a happy medium between the good, the bad and the ugly is what will make a hideous design a more eye-catching statement. Want to check out brutalist websites? Here is a website that has a brutal examples


Web design trends are constantly changing and as a designer we learn to adapt to change by always looking forward and being conscious of what the next big thing is. This will always guarantee you to be ahead of your competitors and ensure you catch the attention of the people who visit your site. Whether you are making your website more bold, colourful or even just including a serif font in your header, these design trends are only going to become more and more popular throughout 2019.

At Fifteen we have years of experience creating unique websites that convert as well as catch. Need a website designing? Get in touch and let’s start something special.




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