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What Fifteen years around Nottingham as a website design agency has meant to Fifteen

September 18, 2020

So, yes its true, we’ve been around a little.  Well nearly 16 years now to be exact and we’ve managed to work with some fantastic businesses in Nottingham, large, medium and small to deliver some great marketing solutions, not to mention great websites.  We’ve made a lot of friends, we’ve worked for a lot of businesses, large and small, old and new.

Now, that’s not to say this is exclusively where our website design and marketing clients are of course. Not at all.  We’re lucky enough to have had clients all over the UK and now with offices in Cambridge and London we are taking on more work than ever nationally and internationally.

But in Nottingham Fifteen have been creating brands and designing websites for many years. OK, so this is where I, Creative Director Ollie, name drop (no shame) some of the fantastic Nottingham brands that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Boots Plc was an early client of Fifteen where we got involved of a lot of their internal marketing to staff.  Certainly when you are a business of that sort of scale, you need to market your business to your employees as well as your potential customers.

The Nottingham High School is a client we worked very closely with for years designing the majority of their printed literature.  What a delight it was to be involved in art directing the photoshoots in such a prestigious building.

We were all very excited to be approached by The Nottingham Arena.  What a great brand to be associated with and what a great asset to the city of Nottingham Itself.

We were lucky enough to work on some of the marketing for The Corner house.  The complex itself has a such a lot to offer and as a brand that delivers entertainment to us Nottingham folk, was certainly an exciting one to work on.

So, I’ve mentioned here some of the larger businesses in Nottingham, and don’t get me wrong as a designer and as an agency its awesome to see billboards all over Nottingham that we’ve designed.  More often than not though, the smaller and medium sized businesses can be as, if not more rewarding for an agency.

David James Estate Agents is a fast-moving Nottingham brand that not only we have had the pleasure in working with for many years now, but as an agency we’re lucky enough to work with them to develop their entire brand and marketing strategy.  There’s work in the studio as we speak so look out for that coming your way soon.

The Trinity School.  Well this one is very close to my heart.  Imagine this…

I loved my time at school, a lot more than my own children tell me they do. I was absolutely flattered when my former school awarded fifteen with the contract to design and develop their new school website. Firstly, I think I’ve had the ambition to do that for almost 20 years, and secondly what an honour. Genuinely, Thank you guys.

RSPCA Nottingham.  With many pet lovers in the office we couldn’t possibly turn down this website project. With a vision like this… “The animals of Nottinghamshire shall lead happy and healthy lives, be treated with kindness and dignity, and remain free from cruelty and neglect” How could we say no.

It’s this wonderful mix of clients, of clients specialisms and of inspirational people we work with that keeps us fresh and creative.  How does the saying go….”you become the average of the 3 people you hang around”. Well, we hand around these guys and many more exciting clients and are proud to have such great company.




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