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What is a mega menu on a website and what are the benefits?

May 24, 2021

“Mega menus” are the most valuable resources for guiding users on subordinate pages among the essential variables in website navigation design.

Most online retailers and eCommerce portals today will be inadequate without a mega menu. Nonetheless, the most popular shopping websites, such as Amazon or eBay, will not be as successful without their mega menus.

The menu is one of the user’s main navigational tools, and it plays a critical role in improving the website’s accessibility and ability to engage and convert visitors.

Nowadays, websites also use a multi-faceted mega menu to arrange vast quantities of content into a cohesive entity for the user’s convenience.

What is a Mega Menu?

Since the early 2000s, you’ve probably seen Mega Menus on websites and used them, but you didn’t realise what they were called. If you’re familiar with them but aren’t sure if you should use them on your platform or how to put them in place, this article should be of assistance.

When a site user hovers the mouse over an option in the top navigation bar, a mega menu appears, a drop-down menu that shows large panels separated into groups of similar navigation choices. You will display the entire website’s navigation in a single menu with multi-level expansions. Visitors will go straight to what they’re searching for and spend less time on a platform by clicking fewer times.

  • Mega Menus change how users access a website by arranging navigation options using style, typography, icons, and pictures.
  • Allows for the graphic and user-friendly sorting of pages into logical classes.
  • There is no need to scroll because everything is available at once; there is no need to dig down into additional sub navigations.
  • Menu choices can be revealed by hovering over them, clicking on them, or tapping on them.
  • It can be shown in various ways: Show the left or right column at the top of the page.

Why Would You Use A Mega Menu?

A mega menu can enhance the user interface when creating a massive website with several categories and subcategories.

Simply placed, a mega menu is a multi-level drop-down menu that allows you to condense your website’s full navigation into a single menu. The main menu of a website can access even the darkest parts of a website, thanks to a super menu.

Mega menus also help drive more revenue, improve conversions, and keep the users on your website for longer, in addition to enhancing user interface and online usability. “By helping people discover more, they’ll make you sell more,” says Jakob Nielsen.

Following are the benefits of a mega menu on your website:

Benefits of Mega Menu

Mega Menus are both functional and stylish

When the field of web design and creation progresses, so will the styles and methods have employed, as you’ve no doubt discovered by your own experiences. All of those emerging strategies happen to be the mega menu or super menu. With so many businesses and storefronts selling a diverse range of products, it’s easy to see why it’s become so famous. To provide everything, they’ll need more space and more complex menus.

Mega menus, on the other hand, despite their increased sophistication, appear to be more practical. When graphic features or pictures are used, users can find what they’re searching for easier.

Spend some time looking for ideas on the internet if you’re having trouble deciding how to create your super menu. There is a slew of websites and designs out there that implement this very recent and exciting idea in unique ways.


The most significant advantage of a super menu is that it is detailed and has all of your site’s pages in the navigation menu. Users will now have clear access to any page on the web, allowing them to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Well organised and easy to follow

Mega menus are much bigger and take up a lot of space than regular drop-down menus. This allows you to divide pages/products into sections and logical submenus, making them neat and tidy. By including more choices, website users are more likely to find what they’re looking for faster.

Adding Images and Icons

Mega menus allow for the inclusion of graphics such as photographs and icons due to the available space. This tends to split up the text and add more detail without making it too text intensive. You may add photographs of the most famous brands, for example, or include quirky diagrams.

Extra Functionalities

Huge navigation menus can cover the width of a tab, provide more space for the options inside, and match the interface users are using to browse. If users are looking at the web app, this becomes very difficult on smartphones. Mega menus, on the other hand, deviate from conventional menus in this regard.

Designers have a lot of leeways when it comes to architecture, style, and functionality. They also don’t have to be at the top of the list. Mega menus may appear from the left, be placed at the bottom, or be creatively set out. Digital Spy, for example, has a pop-outside menu that also appears on a laptop.

Mega menus can integrate modern approaches and features that standard menu cannot, allowing them to offer an innovative and unique experience.

Mega Menus Should Be Used Wisely to Enhance The Site

Mega menus are a perfect way to enhance the site’s user experience. If you have a big site with many connections, adding one will make it easier for your visitors to navigate. If your website qualifies, consider incorporating a super menu right away. Interested in working with a leading digital agency on your site navigation or website design? If so, then contact us today for award-winning designs.




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