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When is the right time to REBRAND YOUR COMPANY?

September 24, 2020

When exactly is the right time to rebrand your company?

Well as a design agency in Nottingham, this is a question we’re often asked. 

My immediate response is. What is it that is driving the appetite to consider a rebrand. 

There are a handful of good and valid reasons, but firstly, let’s look at some of the less valid reason why companies choose to rebrand.

I’m bored with it.

That’s right. We hear its loads. Especially when companies have gone through decades of trade and possibly even through generations of families.

My competitors brand is better.

I guess its a valid reason but I’d rather have been the one that makes the move to a new brand before my competitors. Nothing was ever achieved by being a trend follower.

I’ve gone off blue.

Yes, I promise this is true and was once said to me by a potential client many years ago.

We’ve just got a new van.

I also promise. This has been said.

Now, all of the above may be real responses I’ve heard, but there are some more valid ones that drive the change of a companies image.

Repositioning through rebranding

Repositioning of your companies offerings and the possible the change in the target audience that the said company is aiming at is the perfect reason to change.

Jumping into new additional markets with a brand new brand image delivers with a bang. It also provokes a huge reaction from your old/existing audience as suddenly they are seeing this new image and are consequently reengaged with the brand.


Many many companies rebrand when moving into new territories. Look at it like this. Is your brand suitable for the competition in those new countries, is your company name even suitably for business activity in those countries. 

Many companies rebrand when gearing up for internationalisation as they often have to appear much bigger than before.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Also a very valid reason. When companies see rapid growth in their client base and personnel through mergers and acquisitions, they often benefit from a new brand image as this packs loads of punch with existing clients and lets them know that the company have something bigger to offer than before.

So here are just a few questions to ask yourself, Are we;

  • Offering anything different?
  • Offering anything different to a new audience?
  • Bigger and better in any way?
  • Trying to break new markets?

If you have a yes in response to a question above then that’s a valid reason to come band talk to one of Nottingham’s leading brand design agency.

In short, the best time to rebrand is when your company has evolved.

Contact us today and see how we can help you.




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