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Why bespoke website designs are better than templates

July 20, 2021

There are numerous methods for developing a website design for your organization. You can utilize online tools like Wix and Squarespace, pre-made themes for content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, or hire a freelance web developer or web design business to design and create a website from scratch. There are advantages to each of the solutions listed above, but today we’d want to focus on why bespoke website designs are better than templates.

A bespoke website design allows you complete control over every aspect of your website, from influencing the design to ensuring the user journey is optimized for conversions and providing your website is entirely secure. Every detail can be customized to your heart’s content. Here are the advantages of bespoke website designs 

One-of-a-kind to you and your business 

The most obvious reason to have a bespoke website design professionally developed by a web designer is that you may customize the look and feel of your website. While using a template or online tool allows you to utilize your content and brand, the layout and overall style of the theme are typically somewhat restricted, which means your website may look identical to hundreds of other websites that use the same theme. With a custom-built website design, your business will stand out since it will be unique to you. You would be able to cater to your customers directly. 

Rapid-fire pages 

Generally, if you select a pre-made template, it will come pre-installed with a slew of plugins that enable you to alter various aspects of your website. The difficulty with this is that a large number of plugins might significantly slow down your website. By creating a custom website from the ground up, you may find that you do not require any plugins at all. All functionality can be developed specifically for you by your web design agency.

This means you can truly focus on the speed with which your website loads, which is critical for ranking high in Google in particular. You can activate page caching, optimize your images, and eliminate the requirement for many scripts to be loaded, which is typically a significant issue with pre-made themes. Naturally, all of this is contingent upon selecting an excellent web design agency or freelancer to construct your website for you! 


When developing a custom website, security is critical. It enables you and your web design business to verify that all files and folders on your website are secure and password-protected from potential hackers. With a pre-made template, you must ensure that plugins are updated regularly to keep your site safe. It’s also worth noting that most professional web developers will offer professional web hosting with an emphasis on security. Google has also lately begun penalizing websites that do not have a valid SSL certificate, but this should be a regular feature when designing a new website from scratch. 


With a custom-made website design, you can ensure that the entire site is developed with search engine optimization in mind from the start. While the website templates are often quite effective for basic SEO, you will need to install additional plugins to maximize their functionality. Your custom-built website design should be far better optimized, mainly if discussed before beginning the project. This means you can truly tailor all of your material to ensure you are immediately competitive with your competitors. 

A flawless user journey 

One of the favourite reasons for designing and building a website design from the ground up is that you can truly understand what you are doing on your site and what you want from it. With some study and user journeys, you can design your website around your visitors and give them the optimal path. This is where User Experience (UX) comes into play and wireframing each page to guarantee a seamless user journey from their entry point to the CTA and finish point. With a custom-designed website design, you can easily customize your user journeys – something that is not possible with a pre-made theme. 


This brings us to the subject of scalability. Constantly tweaking and improving your website is one of the primary reasons it will eventually succeed. Keeping track of what people do enables you to eliminate ineffective features while introducing new elements and sections to enrich your website and ultimately increase sales and conversions. Working with a web design business after your site is established enables you to maintain control and expand its functionality.

Why you shouldn’t use templates for your website

No Uniqueness and Creativity

Even if the data you submit is unique, the template will not be. Other corporations and businesses may use the same one, and as a result, you will need to double your efforts to stand out. 

For instance, you can incorporate personalized icons, photos, and your brand, which must be prominently displayed for you to stand out. Even so, visitors will discern whether the website is unique or built on a template. 

Poor user experience

While templates are attractive, but the problem is that they do not address the user experience and all that it entails. Your buyer persona should feel as though the website was built specifically for him or her and should be represented in it. 

When you utilize a template, the site is constructed in a general manner. It lacks the pleasure, efficiency, and excitement inherent in a site built specifically for the target users. This could be detrimental, as your buyer personas may not take the steps you want them to perform, resulting in a purchase decision. 

Require revisions

You must be aware of the continuous modifications required to keep the website working smoothly. Remember that updates are made to address issues with previous design flaws, but occasionally the site’s content is affected. 

Additionally, some plug-ins that you may require may be incompatible with the version of the website template you have chosen. 

As you can see, website templates have many disadvantages, which proves that bespoke website design is better than templates. In the end, the most critical aspect is to create a user-friendly website that potential clients feel at ease viewing. Contact us to get started on a unique website design. Our designers, developers, and digital marketing team can help you realise your goals and supercharge your online performance.




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