UX (User Experience) & Strategy

Instead of thinking about what you want to say, or what information you want to get out there, you need to think about: what do my customers need? What are their goals? What do they even want from me?

You’ll need to nail that for a number of reasons. If your site isn’t giving your customers the best possible online experience, it’s possible they’ll never fill out that contact form, find what they’re looking for, or get to the checkout. Your bounce rate would be sky-high, your SEO would plummet, and your sales take a dip. And that means you’re missing out on leads, on making your products shine, and on having customers pile into your checkout to increase revenue.

At Fifteen, we believe that in order to deliver a ROI, careful understanding of you, your organisation and your market are the first steps in anything we deliver.

A digital brand is required to provide users with the ideal experience, both visually and in terms of interaction and engagement.

In order to build this, we adopt a user and goal-centric design approach – taking both the user’s needs and business goals into consideration at every stage of your users journey through the website.

From your initial brief, our team of experts will work together with you on the following:

  • Research and analysis
  • Industry insights
  • Persona development
  • Requirement capture
  • Project definition and KPI setting
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • User journey planning
  • Digital strategy

A well-designed user experience is lead by user needs and company goals that delivers a return on investment for your business.