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Why use Google shopping

September 15, 2021

Google’s well-known “Shopping” tab is a well-known response to the growing dominance of online eCommerce marketplaces, Google Shopping.

With Amazon, Walmart, and eBay all offering simple-to-use eCommerce platforms for online retail, Google’s Shopping channel is a component of their search engine that enables them to enter the marketplace game. Additionally, it provides options for both organically gathered results and paid advertisements.

Understanding shopping as an eCommerce strategy entail comprehending how it works as a pay-per-click marketing channel and the possibility of organic traffic. However, with the proper tactics, this strategy is unquestionably worthwhile and truly has much potential. It opens a whole new world of possibilities for firms to increase their visibility – and it also means being able to sell things directly from search results. Read more on google shopping here.

Highlight your products and brand on Google Shopping.

Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, ranking at the top of search engine result pages (SERPS) encourages customers to purchase your products. Customers do not have to be familiar with your business or brand to find you on Google, as your products may display whenever Google matches them to the user’s search phrases.

Since Google Shopping Ads ensure that your products show above organic search results, you can effortlessly and effectively increase your brand’s online visibility. These advertisements are so effective at connecting prospective clients with your business because your products are displayed based on the shopper’s keywords. This implies that your products are shown to users who have already expressed an interest in what you sell.

Google Shopping Ads will outperform text-based ads.

There is a reason that an increasing number of shops are investing a greater portion of their marketing budget to Google Shopping Ads rather than text ads. A consumer who clicks on an image-based Google Shopping Ad demonstrates a high level of buyer intent. Unsurprisingly, the advertisements have a higher conversion rate. According to studies, Google Shopping Advertisements have a 26% better conversion rate and a 23% lower cost-per-click than text ads.

A higher return on investment is always advantageous in business, even more so when marketing and advertising. These frequently have highly unclear outcomes. Google Shopping Ads deliver a higher return on investment since each advertising dollar is directed toward the most qualified customers. If a customer is not actively looking for your product, your advertisement will not be displayed; easy as that.

Google Shopping Advertisements are significantly more effective than AdWords text ads due to their high conversion rate and precise targeting. Other formatting elements, such as product photos and star ratings, also contribute to their click ability. In Q1 2018, Google Shopping Ads accounted for 60% of search ad clicks, indicating a clear preference for text-based ads.

Increase the quality of your Google Ads leads.

Google Shopping Ads help you improve the quality of your leads by displaying relevant product details. Shoppers want to make informed purchasing decisions, and visually compelling, information-rich ads direct them to your product page with a high likelihood of purchasing. This is also why Google Shopping Advertisements frequently have a double click-through rate or treble that of text ads.

When a buyer clicks on a Google Shopping Ad, they can see enough information about your product, so they’re already familiar with it when they come to your website. The advertising features your product’s image and name, as well as its price, brand name, and star rating. Even if shoppers are unfamiliar with your brand, they are likely to click on your ad based on the image, rating, and pricing.

By clicking the advertisement, the buyer will be taken immediately to your product. They’re less likely to bounce because they’re already aware of what to expect. Given that the user will be on the page for at least a few moments (adding the goods to their cart, for example), you have an opportunity to attract the consumer to explore your online store and become a repeat client. Utilize engaging design, offer boxes or other attention-grabbing techniques to accomplish this.

Google Shopping is far more manageable.

Advertisers must pick and bid on the keywords they wish to target with text advertising. Google Shopping Ads are significantly easier to use and eliminate the need for keyword research. Rather than bidding on keywords, Google determines their relevance based on your product data feed (you can strategically craft for better results).

Your Google Shopping Feed is configured in your Google Merchant Center account. You can immediately import product data into Google Shopping by using an app that connects your online store to Google Shopping’s API. For instance, 3dcart’s Automatic Google Shopping Feed software collects product data and sends it to your Google Merchant Center account for setup. The data will be properly formatted to contain photos, ratings, and other information about the products. The feed will then be updated automatically to guarantee that all your Google Shopping Ads stay accurate when they appear on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

With Google Shopping, you simply give your product data to Google, which includes keyword matching. Compared to AdWords, where you must conduct your keyword research, you can see the time and effort savings.


The most astute minds and largest corporations are increasingly directing their marketing resources to Google Shopping Ads. If you want to stay competitive, it may be time to rethink your marketing strategy in favour of today’s sponsored marketing trend.




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