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Why Your Marketing Department Needs a Digital Agency

September 24, 2016

It’s common knowledge that all great marketers surround themselves with great partners, and possibly the most important of all of these is a really good digital agency. One they can work really closely with, one they can learn from, and most importantly, one that can deliver results time and time again.

I’ve worked with a lot of small to medium sized business, and even in some cases in the last 20 years, larger corporates, who’s business owners or bosses believe the marketing manager themselves should be the one to make changes to the companies website, or setup and run a PPC campaign. Well as all great marketers will tell you, this is not how it really should be.

Me, as the owner of a successful digital agency rely on specialists in various fields an awful lot. For example, I’ll work with a client who requires photography for some recipes they’ve created. Well, I have a camera, a really good one in fact. In my very early years as a designer I’ve art directed countless photo shoots for various products, so I could clearly manage that aspect of the project, but neither of those two things stop me from hiring a professional food photographer, a food stylist and a chef. Yes, that’s right, 3 people to take one photograph of one plate of food. Well, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well isn’t it.

The same philosophy applies to the use of a good digital agency. As a successful marketer, you’ll need a Digital Marketing Strategist to help you organise your total approach to online advertising, you will need a PPC (pay per click) specialist who can successfully setup and manage your Google or Bing ad spend. You will need a specialist affiliate marketer to manage relationships between affiliates. You’ll no doubt need a great digital designer, to design your remarketing adverts and a good copywriter to make the messages engaging. You’ll need an exceptional UX designer, to design you a website with a user journey that’s going to deliver. You’ll need a Full Stack Developer to build you that website in a way that Google is going to love, and last but not least you’re gong to need an SEO specialist to get the site on its way to the top of Google.

So, you can understand how I feel when a medium sized business hires their first marketing manager and expects them to be able to deliver all of the above, all by themselves.

We all need experts in certain field in our everyday lives and perhaps more importantly in our businesses to get the results our businesses deserve. So, to give your business the very best chance to success online with all the stiff competition these days, I urge you to engage with a great digital agency who can you can build a solid relationship with, who will employ great specialists, who understand what you are looking to achieve, who can align themselves with your business, who you trust, who will deliver concise reporting and who probably most importantly will get you results.




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