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Will AI mean web designers become obsolete?

July 29, 2022

Technology is evolving apace and AI is emerging as a key trend in web development. If you work in the industry, you may be aware of the questions around artificial intelligence in web design. One key concern is that AI and machine learning might threaten the future of web design as a profession.

Are web designers becoming obsolete? Is AI capable of genuine creativity? The fear in the web design community is real, but it may not need to be as grave as you might think. While there is no stopping the growth of artificial intelligence, the real question is about the role it might play in the industry.

Artificial intelligence in web design

Daily life is now heavily reliant on technology. Our smart devices are the primary example of this – technological advancement is inevitable in the modern world. Technology is created by humans, but now we fear it may take over from its creators and replace the very programmers and developers who created it.

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is the buzzword. It combines AI and Machine Learning to create high-quality websites with next to no human involvement. Whilst this sounds intimidating for web designers, there is plenty of reason to be excited about this technology rather than fearful of it.

What role does AI and ML play in traditional web development?

Web development works alongside AI without threatening the careers of web developers. The power of AI and ML only enhances the capabilities of a web designer. Human beings do the thinking and creative planning for a project, then the automation tools can reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to make the vision a reality.

Man and machine work together to ensure higher-quality websites and better UX across the board.

So what are the advantages of AI for web design?

With the assistance of powerful AI, you can refine customisation experiences like never before. Here are some of the specific advantages you will experience by incorporating AI into your work:

1. Simplified coding with self-learning tools

Imagine the power to create codes that correct themselves if any errors are made. Artificial intelligence can do with algorithms that analyse code and identify areas for improvement. They can even make those changes automatically without you having to review everything.

2. Outstanding user experiences (UX)

UX is everything in the creation of web products. To keep users on websites and encourage them to continue browsing, they need to be enticed with exciting user interfaces and interactions. Customer retention rates are higher with better UX.

AI offers a range of tools and resources to provide better user experiences. Things like chatbots and predictive product recommendations are already very prominent in modern web design, and there is much more at your disposal thanks to AI.

3. Accurate market predictions

AI really comes into its own in the worlds of sales and marketing. Its predictive capabilities supply you with the nuances that are most effective for your end-users, like:

  • Understanding what they really want
  • Identifying where they spend the most time
  • Learning problem areas of your website that need attention
  • Getting ahead of the hottest trends
  • Gauging how well you are engaging users

4. Optimising web development

No matter how great your website is or how well the UX is designed, it all amounts to nothing if users do not find your website. Visibility is crucial, and AI can offer outstanding optimisation to ensure you are found. SEO tools benefit from huge data sets to discover the right words and phrases to attract targeted traffic who can discover your website organically.

AI complements traditional web development

The advantages of traditional web development work in tandem with the advantages of AI for better results all round. Web designers offer the following benefits:

  • Interacting directly with project decision makers
  • Providing a human touch
  • Experience of web design trends and audience reactions
  • Ability to think outside the box
  • Collaboration with other developers and people involved in website creation

The bottom line

AI will not make web designers obsolete. Rather, it will empower us to do our job better and create higher-quality products for clients and end-users. Embrace Artificial Intelligence and learn to use its tools and, at least for the foreseeable future, it will only be a good thing for the profession.

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