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WordPress Security – Some Easy To Implement Safeguards

December 19, 2015

With just over 25% of the web powered by it, WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Unfortunately, due to its immense popularity, WordPress is a prime target for hackers.

Sounds scary, with one in four websites using WordPress, one has to wonder, how is this not a big problem?

WordPress Security – that’s why.

There are so many ways to secure WordPress that it boggles the mind, so I’ll just focus on our favourite – go-to – methods to secure our sites and our peace of mind.

Use a strong password

This may seem like common sense, however are you aware that a ‘strong’ password may not be what you think it is? Your current password may have a string of letters, numbers, is hard to remember and the chances are that you have it written on a post-it attached to your screen. Am I right?

Well, research has shown that a longer password that is composed of common words can be stronger than one that has letters, numbers, symbols, and the kitchen sink.

That’s right, ‘london works dummy text’ is probably a stronger password than ‘l0nD0N//0Rk5d()mMyt3xt’, and it’s downright easier to remember too.

Install a security plugin

Our favourites are iThemes Security or WordFence. Both are free to use (with a Pro offering) and both offer multiple ways of keeping your website secure and safe, including securing files and changing your admin dashboard link.

Keep plugins updated

Plugins are routinely updated to fix potential security issues. WordPress is getting pretty good at automatically updating plugins however if you’re on an older version then plugins may not be getting automatic security updates.

Don’t use too many plugins

Think of each plugin as a potential doorway for hackers to enter your website with, don’t use too many, and delete those which you’re not using, don’t leave them deactivated.

Keep WordPress up-to-date

This one is potentially the most important item on this list. If your WordPress isn’t up to date, then you’re wide open to hackers. You wouldn’t leave your front door open 24/7, which is akin to running an out-of-date WordPress install.

As you can see, there’s no need to panic. Although WordPress is the most popular CMS out there, it’s also got a very pro-active development team and a large developer community constantly working to improve security and make it easier to keep your website safe.

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