School Prospectus Design

For parents unsure about which school or college to send their children to, the prospectus is often a key determining factor. Benefit from our breadth of experience in designing successful school prospectuses for establishments such as Farnborough School, Joseph Whitaker, Nottingham High School, and Selston High School.

What school prospectus design is all about?

Even though your website will play an important role in attracting new students, there’s something reassuring about a school or HE prospectus. Whether you are seeking to attract new pupils or reinforce the image of their establishment, the prospectus is simply a key tool in your armoury and a must have in your promotional mix.

Why Fifteen?

Whether as a printed document or an innovative online electronic document, we use strong images to design a fresh, interesting, and exciting school prospectus design that truly engages, sparks interest, promotes your brand and ultimately generates sales and new registrations. Naturally we ensure that the prospectus is written to a high standard – either by briefing our copywriters or using and editing the copy you provide. We design documents that engage both adults and pupils alike.

Our little extra.

Our knack for photography combined with creative design skills means we can portray your offer differently, so you can enjoy greater footfall!