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Mental Health at Work – Mens Health

To acknowledge and support Mens Health Week, we teamed up with Derby Counselling Centre to explore men’s mental health at work.

We all have to work, and having a well managed and organised job is good for our wellbeing. Job satisfaction has a significant impact on overall happiness and life contentment. A poorly designed and badly organised job role can lead to work related stress, which can lead onto further mental health conditions and in some cases physical illness.

Take a look at the facts and figures in relation to mens mental health in the workplace, how common is it and how does it fair up against women’s mental health in the same situation. How do men feel about having these health conditions caused by work place stress and what are their thoughts on taking time off work.

Lack of awareness and knowledge can lead sufferers to develop physical symptoms. This is worrying for anyone, but the figures show why this is so concerning when it comes to men’s mental health. Men are more likely to become alcohol dependent or even to commit suicide.

It is evident the great work that charities such as Derby Counselling Centre’s Stress Aid are doing is much needed within our communities. Our partnership with Stress Aid started earlier this year, when we decided to volunteer our digital services for free to help generate awareness of the great services they offer. As part of our year of wellbeing, we researched, designed and put together this infographic.

To learn more about workplace wellbeing and mental health, visit Derby Counselling Centre’s website. Where they provide a free downloadable PDF which advises employers and staff how to make small changes in your working environment to make for happy workers – lowering the risk of them developing worrying mental health conditions in the future.




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