SEO Executive

What made you want to work for Fifteen?

To be part of a fast-growing agency is always exciting, and within Fifteen I had the possibility to actively contribute to the Digital Marketing department.

Why did you become a Digital Marketing Executive and what are the most enjoyable aspects of the job?

The digital landscape was always of interest to me. I love to work on sites and see the positive impact my work and research has.

What’s the most unusual fact about yourself that not a lot of people know?

I’m in the Midlands first all-female improv group The Vortex.

What would we be likely to bump into you doing at the weekend?

Reading, watching Netflix, or cleaning my house while loudly singing along with whatever song I’m listening to.

My party trick is:  Laughing like a guinea pig.

If I were born a boy, my parents would have named me:  Joost (pronounced Yoast… guess where that plugin got its name).

My favourite cocktail is:  Whatever they happen to call the whiskey, amaretto & coke.

If I were in a band, we would be called:  Free earplugs.

I cringe at: Any loud noises or sudden movements.

I laugh at:  Bad puns.

On my way to work I:  Walk to the beat of the song I’m listening to.

If I won the lottery, I would: Make sure my family is all happy and sorted, invest some for later, and start a personal library.

My home from home is:  ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever had is: ‘When it comes to “I should have” it’s too late for “I will” ’

I am never without: A song stuck in my head.

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