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The Client

TRU approached us under their previous name – as 121 Systems. They’re a vehicle optimisation solution company that specializes in transport management systems. Established in 2002, they’ve built a pool of prestigious clients that have remained loyal to the brand for years. TRU pride themselves on their client’s experience, delivering on not only their own promise, but the promise their own clients give to their customers.

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The Brief

Never afraid of change and with an eye to the future, 121 Systems – as they were back then – wanted a. Their previous brand had been with them since their inception in 2002. While it had served them well, it was time for an epic refresh – and that’s’ where we came in. Following this, they then wanted us to create a future-proof website that showcased their industry experience and passion, as well as promoting their new rebrand.

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The rebrand started with our Brand Workshop. This exercise allowed us to digest 121 Systems’ history, motivations and aims for the future. We documented the Vision, Mission and Promise they wanted to convey for the new brand. It was also essential at this stage to understand our target audience – their aims, their frustrations and their goals when interacting with 121 Systems. In this case, our rebranding exercise was based on the principles of ‘archetypal branding’, which allows us to personify the brand in line with the brand values we identify early on within the workshop. It was clear after identifying the archetype of the ‘Sovereign’ that the existing name of ‘121 Systems’ was not sufficient and was becoming outdated. The client took the bold step to rename themselves. The new name of ‘TRU’ was put forward as a strong, industry-leading brand. Our rebrand for TRU included an epic new visual style using a strong, stripped-down colour palette, photography and videography and a suite of icons that is used across their marketing. We topped this off with an all-encompassing strapline: ‘We Deliver Your Promise’.

Tru-06 Tru-05


Alongside the all-out rebrand, we worked with TRU to undergo a complete website shake-up. From the ground up, we helped set a new sitemap that reflected their digital goals and facilitated the needs of the users identified in our initial workshop. It was key that we allowed the user to engage with TRU through several points throughout the site, as we found that some users were specific about what they require, whereas others needed more guidance from TRU. Videography was used throughout the homepage to help evoke the scope that TRU’s software delivers. Paired with custom animation, iconography and colour coding within the service areas, we used beautiful visual design to help transform TRU online.


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