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Become the master of your domain with a bespoke web development service from the ground up.

Built from the ground up, to suit your needs

Laravel is an Open Source PHP framework.

Laravel is very well supported by the Open Source community. It is one of the best PHP frameworks to use. As it is not a CMS itself, it’s naturally suited to bespoke websites that would benefit from the power of from-the-ground-up thinking and code. This would be instead of trying to force a pre-built CMS to do something that it was not originally intended to do.

Other systems are focussed on being one thing first, and everything else secondary. For example, WordPress primarily as a CMS and Magento as an eCommerce platform. Laravel Applications are suited entirely to your primary need. If you need a Real Estate Management System, then building that in WordPress would likely require making WordPress work in a way that could take a developer longer to build and maintain. Such a system built in Laravel would be from-the-ground-up, and as such would only have that one purpose.

In essence, Laravel allows the Developer to design the system to solve the problem which you have, without introducing a lot of extra unused, unnecessary features. It is also on the cutting edge of coding standards, built with best web practices in mind, and extremely future proof. As it is actively maintained, it’s able to stay ahead of the curve on security.

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Cutting Edge Development

We are clued up with the very latest updates in web developments to ensure your site is always running at peak performance. Stay at the cutting edge with our elite dev team.

Seamless Data Transition

Whether you're looking for integration with a supplier database, booking system, CRM or any other application on your website, we have the skillset to realise your ambitions.

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Web Security

The world is focussed on digital security and its a paramount concern for any organisation. It’s something we live and breathe here at Fifteen. We know our GDPR from our elbow - your website and data security is our business.


Wordpress is ubiquitous with everyone from mom-and-pop blogs to huge corporations building sites on their platform. Wordpress features a huge array of plugins and allows for all manner of additions such as mailing lists, forums, galleries and online stores. Our developers are well-versed in Wordpress and will help you maximise your site’s offering with seamless, dynamic results.


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