Creating a Google Plus Profile for Your Business

Once up on a time, it was easy to let your customers know how to find you. You just got a listing in the phone directory. If you had a small business, you might put an ad in the local newspaper occasionally. And of course, word of mouth has always been a great way to get referrals and advertising.

creating a Google Plus profile for a business

But today we face a completely revolutionised marketplace with global competition and time-starved, overwhelmed potential customers. So knowing how to get your name in front of them as easily and cheaply as possible is critical – but you have more options than ever before, and it is hard to ignore any of them.

Google + a great online marketing tool

Business owners need to prioritise and use the most effective online marketing opportunities first; one cornerstone to a strong online presence is Google Plus.

It’s as important as the phone book used to be, but has the potential to proactively reach out to your target audience. You can set up a Google Plus business profile yourself for FREE, and then your market can find you not only on Google Plus, but also on Google Maps and of course Google Search.

It doesn’t take much time, and it is accessible to your target market no matter what kind of device they are using.

How to Set Up a Google Plus Business Profile

1. If you don’t already have a Google account, start by setting up one.
2. Go to the main page and click on the word ‘business’ on the lower left of the page.
3. Click on the blue button ‘Explore Google+ Pages’.

creating a Google Plus profile for a business

4. Just follow the simple prompts to create your page, and be sure to fill in all of the details to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to find you.

Promoting your Business on Google Plus

Once you have your Google Plus business profile set up, don’t just leave it there. Take full advantage of the features and tools available to you to reach out and connect with your customer base.

It just isn’t enough today to leave it sitting there static like an old phone directory listing. Try these tips to get the most from your business’s Google Plus profile.

Post valuable content regularly

You can treat Google Plus like a blog, or use it to direct people to your blog. Make it worth their while to connect with you by giving them information they want.

Promote your business profile

Promote your Google Plus profile by linking it to your website with a badge, including it in your email signature, etc. People will find you more easily because of your profile, but that doesn’t mean it will promote itself.

Engage with your customers

Engage with people. Add people to your circles and follow them. Usually they will add you back. This is the goal of all social media marketing – to create relationships and connections to build a loyal base of customers.

Creating a Google Plus profile for your business is easy, free and effective. So there is no reason not to add another layer to your social media marketing efforts.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s Ranking on Google

Everyone wants to make it to the top of Google and in the world of online marketing making it to the top of the search engine can be difference between generating loads of business or no enquires.

Google and other search engines work to keep online marketers guessing at how to hit the first page of the results, and they change the rules so often it doesn’t seem worthwhile trying to crack their code.

How to improve my websites ranking in Google

Here are five simple and easy ways to boost your organic rankings within the search engines.

Check and Recheck your Keywords

Don’t make assumptions and don’t just pick them and leave them unchanged without monitoring how they are working. Take advantage of the analytics tools available to see exactly how your keywords are performing. Are people actually searching for your keywords and is your website ranking on the first page for these terms?

Since Google search has become encrypted a lot of the seach data is now unavailable, another good alternative is to try Bing Webmaster Tools to get a more detailed breakdown of queries.

Redirect Duplicates

One of the most common errors we see, when we do SEO audits is redirect errors. When another website links to you, you cannot control whether or not they list you as ‘’ or ‘’, and the search engines cannot tell these are one and the same.

So you can look like two moderately popular sites instead of one wildly popular site, which is no good to you. This can be fixed by putting in place a permanent redirect from one address to the other. There are several ways to do this, if you would like any help please feel free to contact one of our developers.

Do Good Deeds

Why not boast your search engine ranking while also boosting your contribution to a better world. Donate funds or time to a cause you support and see about getting a link from the charity’s site to yours.

Not only will you boost your ranking by building links, you’ll get a great introduction to a group of potential customers. We recently helped raised some money for Cancer Research and were luckily enough to get retweeted by them.

Create Events & Local Meet Ups

Never miss a chance to promote your business through any kind of event that can get mentioned elsewhere with a link to your site. Hold competitions, make special offers, promote new products and services and above all, announce them widely where they will link back to your site.

One caveat here – never, ever spam anyone’s comment section with announcements. Use press releases and ask other sites to mention your event.

Here at Fifteen Design we will be shortly be celebrating our 10 year anniversary, not only are we having our very own beer commissioned but also throwing a party for all of our clients.

Finding Missing Links

Are you getting mentioned elsewhere without being linked back to your site? It is not as daunting as it sounds to find those mentions with missing links. Make it a habit to search your own name and your business name regularly.

Google is not the enemy here; they actually provide a tool to look for mentions. With Google Alerts, you can set the parameters to search for mentions, and you’ll get an automated alert when it happens.

You can then get in touch with the site where you are mentioned and request to be linked.

None of these tactics mean you are off the hook for creating great content and an excellent product or service. But once you are doing those two key things, you can make sure you are getting the full benefit of your efforts with these five easy steps.

If you would like one of our online marketers to carry out an SEO audit of your websites, why not get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Implement a Social Networking Feed into your website

We’re proud to launch our latest video featuring the ‘Social Wall’

We’ve been trying and testing a social wall feature on our website for a few weeks now and we’re ready to introduce it to you! The social wall brings all of your social networking platforms into one easy to view area.

Social Wall - Social Media Feed

Our social wall contains our facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, stumbleupon, tumblr and rss blog feed. It can also accomodate your Google plus, instagram and a whole host of other social media account. We like to keep our most active accounts on there so our page is buzzing with recent activity.

The social wall is a great tool to getting your social media activity noticed by your users, it also deters them from leaving your website to go to a social page as they can read your posts from the comfort of your website! We can implement the social wall straight into your website and integrate all of your social networking pages, we can also help your set up any pages you’re having trouble with and give you some advice to get started.

Get in touch with us today on 0115 932 5151 or email if you’d like to get it together!

New Website Design for Gem 106 Breakfast Host Amy Voce

Having worked closely with Amy in the past and creating her website several years ago she decided it was time for an update!

Amy recently won a Sony Gold Award along with her co host Sam Pinkham for their Gem 106 breakfast show. They came top in the “Best Breakfast Show” category and we couldn’t be more pleased for them! Plus she got to meet the boys from Blue, we’ve very jealous in the office…

In light of her award win Amy was keen to update her website to promote herself for Radio, Television and Event appearances. Compared to her previous website we wanted to go with a very clean and simple layout that allows Amy’s site to be completely easy to navigate and peruse. As well as this we have also fully integrated her blog and archived her old entries to make it not only easy for the user to engage with but for Amy herself to update.

The CMS backend to the website allows Amy to change any content within the website at her leisure. So who knows, you may be hearing about another award win from her soon!

Social Feed plugin for website design

One of the best features that we have added to Amy’s new website design is the “Social Wall”. We’ve created a hub for all things social that Amy uses. This feed updates constantly with Amy’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube activity. It’s a great tool that allows users to keep up to date with Amy whilst already on her website.

We love it so much that we’ve added a social wall to our website too, if you’re interested in integrating all of your social media into one place then get in touch with us on 0115 932 5151 and we can help integrating a social wall onto your website!

Fifteen Design launch new website for EuroPro Golf Centres

EuroPro Golf Website

Fifteen Design have been working closely with ‘EuroPro Golf Centres’ over the past months to create a brand new website.
The EuroPro group comprimises of 11 golf centres around the UK that each offer a wide range of golfing services and activities ranging from golf lessons to custom club fitting. We have been up and down the country and liasing with each of the centres to provide the group with an all encompassing golf pro website which is tailored to their services and offerings.

The website boasts a ‘click and collect’ area. This provides the user with an online shopping experience but with the value of being able to collect in store. The location finder on the website is a great tool to find your nearest EuroPro golf centre.

As well as this, the website also includes a hub of information on how to make the most of your game. The golf lessons area is a great place to find out what tutoring is best for you, where you can book a lesson and the benefits of being coached by a PGA professional. The custom fitting area recommends the best way to up your game, by tailoring your clubs to fit you and your golf swing. Many players are held back by having an ill fitting set of clubs, the EuroPro group encourages users to visit their local EuroPro centre to get fitted and improve their game.

Each centre has their own area on the website too. A ‘minisite’ for the centres has been included as an introduction to each one, including facility information, how to book lessons, custom fitting and links to the respective website.

As well as the website, we are also working on a massive online marketing strategy to boost EuroPro’s web exposure.

We are really enjoying working with the EuroPro members and are looking forward to developing the site further in 2013, keep your eyes peeled for an update!

Fifteen sink a hole in one with Portsmouth Golf Centre

golf web design

Fifteen Design are pleased to reveal our latest website design for Portsmouth Golf Centre. We have worked very closely with the team at Portsmouth in the development of their refreshed website design which encompasses an online booking function, e-commerce shop area and blog. As well as this we have helped them set up their new social media campaign with twitter and Facebook profiles.

One extra frill we have added to the Portsmouth website is responsiveness. This means that when used on different devices, the website will change it’s layout to fit within the frame of the device. Try visiting from your phone and see the difference!

We’ve had a great time working with Portsmouth and visiting their centre, I can’t say our golf has improved any more though!

Fifteen and The Wedding Vine say I do!

website design

We are proud to unveil our latest website design for ‘The Wedding Vine’. The Wedding Vine is an online shop, directory and inspiration hub for everything bridal! Our girl Lofty was really excited to work on this job as she’s recently got engaged so could definitely relate to the subject matter!

What we have created for The Wedding Vine combines a wedding directory, online shop, wedding inspiration, real weddings section and blog. The online shop caters to the style conscious bride which a variety of jewellery, millinary and tiaras from top name designers. Our favourite part of the website is the ‘Real Weddings’ section which really shows off what The Wedding Vine is capable of inspiring and the journey that the happy couple take from planning to saying the “I Do’s”

Claire from The Wedding Vine said:
“We can’t thank you enough for the fantastic job you have done on our homepage and online shop. Ollie and the team were so easy to work with. They listened to us and understood our business needs completely, bringing fresh ideas to the table and using their experience and expertise to advise and guide us along the way. The result – a fantastic new look site which both our clients and our readers love! Thank you Fifteen Design!”

The website design is fresh and inviting, themed around an elegant white and duck egg blue theme which reflects the nature of the site.  So if you’re a bride to be, mum of the bride, groom, bridesmaid or are just feeling a little bit weddingy we would recommend you check out their website!

a fine SEO campaign

SEO campaign

Graphic Design and Digital specialists, Fifteen Design are proud to announce that they are working with Nottingham based company “Fine Finish Furniture”, specialist kitchen and furniture makers.

We have updated, refreshed and optimsed their current website. Fifteen Design and Fine Finish Furniture are teaming up to embark on a new SEO campaign that will be a great move for the company and should see them shooting up the rankings!

Fifteen create another unbelieva-bibble website!

E-commerce Website Design

The Web and Graphic Design team at Fifteen Design are delighted to showcase their latest digital masterpiece!

We were recently commisioned to come up with a fresh, colourful and easy to use ecommerce website design for “It’s a Bibble“. The website is a retail hub for Bibbles, the bandana style bib for babies!

it's a bibble website design

We have also been working on an SEO campaign for the company which is proving extremely successful so far seeing them shooting up the search results!

It’s been a pleasure working with It’s a Bibble and we’ve had some great feedback from them.

If you’re interested in a new website design for you or your company, we can help! Let us know by dropping us a phone call, email or even popping in by our office (we make a great cuppa!)

Fifteen Design wins contract overseas!

Safe-LinK new website by fifteen design

New website design for Safe-linK by Fifteen Design Nottingham

The Graphic Design Nottingham experts at Fifteen Design are proud to announce their new website launch for APT.
APT are an Irish based company so our CD Ollie got to spend some time overseas to work closely with the company and get the website spot on! He even brought us back some Irish themed presents!

The new website design is a fresh and professional site that showcases the Safe-linK range, from Commercial Safes to Cash Tube Systems. We have been thrilled to work on this project and hope this is the start of a beautiful new working relationship.

If you are looking for a new website then drop us an email at or call us on 0115 944 2147.