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10 Content Ideas if you are struggling – (Part 2 of 2)

December 3, 2021

Previously in our last blog, we showcased our first 5 out of 10 content ideas for when you have maybe come to a slight halt. Our final five content ideas in today’s blog, bring a little more interaction with your customers.

Interacting and collaborating with customers is a fantastic opportunity, to not only bolster your credibility, but to show faith in their service provider. Transparency is what some companies lack, but content is an easy option to overcome this.

Hopefully you can get rolling again, or maybe you’re here to start out your content production. So let’s get straight into it, with our final five content ideas.

Part 2: 5 Content Ideas you can use and why?:

Content Ideas

Employee stories

Employee story may sound funny, but essentially it would just be the thoughts of your staff, their time working at the company, what they may have achieved or what they are striving for. It’s great for customers and clients to see what’s going on with staff.

Your viewers will get an insight to the types of personalities you are hiring, the more they know of the staff, the better. People can see that the company really cares about staff and credibility increases. It’s as simple as maybe asking your staff on their thoughts, then elaborate on that.

Content Ideas


Surveys are such a simple method to get some quick content out. There are so many ways to produce surveys, even integrated within social media platforms. You can publish these, making an interpretation as a blog or article.

Firstly, it’s great to get a good idea of what the results are, you can learn from them. It might be about your product range or what people’s favorite services are, the survey can be about anything you want.

Secondly, it’s interactive with your audience, and getting people involved is all the better. People like getting stuck in, and when people can see results, they love it.

Customer/Client interview

Customer/Client interview

Interviews with your user base can show how your company is positively impacting your customers. You can even just send some questions over to clients, and maybe they’ll be happy to answer, especially if your services have been great up until now.

But investigating the quality of your services is what the customers will be greatly happy to see. It proves that you care and really want to take the necessary steps to provide the best possible service. 

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

Get together reviews on your products, share what people have said or thoughts about a service. It’s good to be honest and upfront for transparency’s sake. Turn it into an article or blog demonstrating what people’s views are.

Show off what makes you look positive and warm as a team or company. You want to avoid the negativity if you can. However, if the reviews are all negative, then maybe something should be done?

Google Trends keywords

Google Trends keywords

Google Trends is great, we use it all the time here too. If you are ever short for ideas on blog or news content, Google Trends is a great way to see what’s popping off around the world regarding a subject or be it an industry.

It’s good to stay with the times too, be trendy, and keep up to date. Your content can get lost if you’re not keeping up with it. Besides, people want fresh content with what’s happening in the present rather than the past.


So there are 10 content ideas you can use. Like we previously mentioned, Reuse these ideas in future content, (in moderation). However, you will need to bring something new to the table, in terms of the subject and structure.

Following our guides or surfing through others, even competitors’ content for inspiration, is a great idea too. Use your creative minds in your team too, ask around and see what people would recommend as well.

Definitely check out our previous blog in this series: 10 Content ideas if you are struggling – (Part 1 of 2)




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